Thursday, March 20, 2008

Raining pretty heavily now...

Date : 20th March 2008
Time : 5.33PM
Listening to : Rain & Thunder
Where : MC - Room

Aih... It's raining so heavily now. Lately, Kl's weather had been a bit mad. Too hot and the suddenly will be super heavy rain with loud thunder and bright lightnings. Sigh...

Anyway, I just got back from Hazmer's tuition class for flash. Okla..Learned new things today. Apart from that, I think life had been quiet . Maybe not so . Yesterday a friend talked to me about her relationship with her boyfriend. Hmmm... I dunnoe. I was quite shocked to actually find out that I actually know him well enough to predict what he feels and what he will say. And this was the first time I was that honest with my friend about what I think despite knowing that my words may hurt her. Usually I will just hold back. But I guess she needed to hear from me. Anyway, hopefully they will be okay by now.

Aih...Bro is in Genting, Zheng is in Putrajaya. All alone now at home. But biasa la. Even if they are home now also we will be in our own room and do work, play game, chat and whatsoever. I wished I will have more time to read all those books that I just bought. I've browsed through but really... I don't have time to digest. Books like Communication Arts(Ad Annual 48), The Ultimate Graphic Element Collection and many of my IDN mags ad also Practical Web Design Mags. Most of my books are very image based but still...Aih..No time to digest what I see. And for the mags. There are so many things to read and learn from but I don't have time. Hmm... I guess since it's raining pretty hard and lightning flashing so often, I think it's best to leave the lappie alone for now and read. Flash will have to wait then.

k then... That's all for now I guess. And I prob will be spending Easter in BSGC this year. I guess recovery from backsliding is in progress. Been doing good lately. And I think it will work out just fine.

Haih... I miss Bim and Bo too. So, Bo, you are not the only one. :)


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