Friday, March 21, 2008

Action Script 3.0...

Date : 21 March 2008
Time : 9.44PM
Listening to : Weird sound from upstairs
Where : MC-Room

AAAAARGHHH~! Action script. TT... You know what is so weird about this whole thing? It's that it's so fun too learn and all but I just hate it when it comes to my project2. Aih... Entah ler... Believe me, it's fun to script. But when it comes to my project.... T.T <--Like that lor.

var scripting:Boolean=true;

trace("Yeh!Nice to learn!);
trace("Headache...Wanna die...);

Adoih... Sedih... SO much to do yet so little time. Maybe I should be more organized you know. Anyway, I just found out that the ice skating ring in Sunway is under renovation. The ice melted liao. So...ugly.
And yea, ate at KimGary today. Wahpiang. So noisy. Even MCD also not so noisy. I mean come on man. Malacca kopitiam also not so noisy. So uncomfy eating there and besides, the food also tak sedap. that's my 2nd try there. the first was with Joon. He belanja-ed But...aih..crappy food lah. Not as good as expected. Maybe just Sunway. I dunnoe...

Other than that, today had been fun. Not so yesterday though. I scripted for so long and I even stayed away from The Last Canopy lor! In total I tried scripting only one section and it took me 6 hours or so. And just to find out it was so wrong. Aih..Better now then never right. But today was really fun I must say. Scripting for the sound thingy was cool. Tanyus and I were like blur a bit today. Whatever was told to us by Hazmer was gone in within seconds after he left. Aduh... And so lawak in class today. laughed until stomach ached. I should have around 6 packs by now with all those crazy stuff. =.=!

Kla...Time for WebDesign assignment. Sometimes really bengang with my work man. Seriously. Bengang. Sammo tomorrow got replacement class so I cannot... note... I cannot balik Melaka with my bro and parents. Aih..takper la.

And Adrian... YOU SPAMMER! SLAPZ~!

Sorry. No time to photoshop properly. If not u sure look like masuk tong for real one. HAHAHAHA!!!! With love, from ur sis.



KahJoon said... gary mana ada tak sedap !! its either u got problem or the quality of the sunway branch drop liao..

Chen said...

memang tak berapa sedap pun...

Celia said...

Keep up the good work.