Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spiritual Warfare

Date : 18th March 208
Time : 9.58PM
Listening to : Some songs played very loud by neighbors... =.=!
Where : MC - room

I have been in a spiritual dump lately. Took a turn for the worse yesterday. 2 really good friends talked to me. Quite a roller coaster ride actually. Then Quiet Time today, God spoke.
Luke 22:31,32
Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you turned back, strengthened your brothers.
I know it's for Simon but this verse jumped out from the passage. Like what Uncle Kevin always said to us youth... a verse, when needed, will jump up from the many passages. That's when God speaks. And the last part, I really felt it. When you turned back, strengthened your brothers. Been reading Adrian's blog after Ye asked me too. I guess I just have to take it as a lesson. And I really don't want to be like this anymore cos' I am so sick of it. When you are so spiritually stagnant, you feel that the whole world stops. In my case, it does ok. And I don't like it. I know what Ju said was right. No one said it's easy anyway. And I really should stop having that mindset:"Takperla...balik Melaka rehab..." Cos if I want to get back up, I really should start now. Not going to blame the situation here. Not going to blame anyone. It's me. And everytime I read the part where Peter denied Jesus 3 times, it hit me pretty hard when the Bible says, The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter. I really will not be able to phantom how much sadness could possibly be seen in Jesus' eyes.

That's why I want to get back up and be a strong Christian again.

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Sherene said...
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Sherene said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by. =)
As long as we never lose heart on God, the devil will not bring us down..
Bacalah Bible denagn sepenuh hati dan kuat kuat!!!
Miss your voice, your jokes, lame part of you, and your story yang tidak terhingga!!!!
"sayang, sayang sayang sayang."

Chen said...

lol..thanx sherene.

mau said...

eh... the Adrian is me or the 1 in ur group during DMSJ 1? > " < ahahaha... oh ya... *kha pui* = P

Chen said...

You la...