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On DMSJ, Birthday and Class

Date : 14th March 2008
Time : 11.04PM
Listening to : Water dripping
Where : MC-Room

Ok...This is going to be a long post. But no worries... As you guys can see...Unlike last year, my blog will be with pictures this time. Hehe. Will update about my 22nd birthday, DMSJ and my class.
DMSJ stands for Daya, Malacca, Shah Alam and Johor. Every year around March or so, these 4 churches will participate in a Bible Quiz. This year it was on the book of Judges. It was the weekend that clashed with our Election but no worries. Everything turned out good despite the rain. The KL-ians and MMU graduates came back too such as Geng Yi, Juliana, Stephen, CK, Gary and me. Hehe. Saturday was the "social" day. This was the first one I attended. It was fun. Got to know several people. And glad to see many other familiar faces too. But the games were tiring man. I really dreaded the Caterpillar walk. I actually had bruised ankles for 4 days or so... More that that actually but takper la. And at night, we had even much more fun stuff. Each church came up with a performance. But I must give the credit for the rendition of "Hey There Delilah" by James from SAGC. Superb man. Lawak lagi tu. And on Sunday was the real quiz. mangkuk betul. I didn't know the Mangkuk disease was so severe in MGC. Haha... Last 2 years we were infected with the World Cup chant. View the post here. This year, we went for the Mangkuk-ness. But alas... As gaya as always, MGC kalah. But no sweat. Relax jer. Too bad I didn't watch the prize giving part. I was busy doing my Typography in the prayer room. CAN you believe that? Assignments in church. T.T! But all in all it was such a great time spent during DMSJ. Getting to know peopla and stuff. I am not very good at remembering names. Sorry yea. I could only remember Kelly, Sarah, James (cos' I asked for his name...Hey There Delilah was good), Thomas, Adrian, Jun Yee, Darren (Cos' lawan sell T-shirts 2x already) and...okay..seriously...I forgot the photographer's name. AGAIN! Sorry! But anyway... I am glad I went back. It's really a great effort put in by everyone. And again, good job people.


Contestants! Livia, Jessica and Adrian~!

Apa ini Yik How~!

Part of the audience...

Ah hwei and Shaun...
The kids!

SAGC dudes

MGC dudettes

MGC dudes

Our rarely filled up church~!

22nd Birthday
Now with DMSJ done, I want to rant about my feelings of turning 22. Honestly... I was quite sad. Aku dah TUA! Hahah... Okla..Takla sangat but suddenly I felt too grown up. Nevermind that. Anyway, birthday celebration started quite early. I was surprised that my classmates planned to bring me to Sunway Italianese to celebrate my birthday on Thursday. Tanyus was to leave for Indonesia that afternoon so they celebrated the birthday a few days earlier. First we went pool. Then after that we went for lunch at The Italianese. Those present were Chris, Tanyus, Selvia, Diana, Wahyu, Fadzil and Kelvin. It was such a lovely day. And we ate till we were so full. And took a lot of silly pictures especially me and Tanyus... mimicking Rafiki's face. Lol. Thanx a bunch you guys! And yea... My first gift came from Rin. Thanks a bunch altough you think I am a Germ. =.=! And so doesn't look like me!
Gift from Rin... I named this dude Toothy~! Hung on my bag now!

This is basically my whole class...

Tanyus trademark face...

My bread cake...

Next was spent with my family. No big deal but good none the less. It was after the Election's result. And a few minutes before the clock struck 12... We went...... SATAY CELUP! Not in Capitol... not in Ong Kim Wee... But malim Jaya... Hahaa... Tak sedap la..But I am glad my dad decided to bring us out. Cos we get to spend time together! And anyway... I can't go far cos I haven't finished my Figures yet! T.T!

The next morning, mom gave me angpao before I balik ke KL to suffer.

Heehee. Ah Joon came and fetch me, my bro and Juliana. Ju and I talked like super lama and super lawak also. Then when I reached home in Kl, I did some assignments for Tuesday and then went off to school. After class I went to Faith Station (Something like CF) and surprise surprise! They bought a small cup desert for me and sang Happie Birthday song. Thanks a bunch!
Faith Station! Thx!

And Thanks Kelvin for remembering. After that supposed to go out dinner with Zaf, Zheng and Sathom. Sathom's birthday was one day before mine. So we were supposed to just go out for dinner la. Mana tau something bad happened which was the electricity la. i don't want to elaborate lah. Anyway... dinner was canceled. But Sathom and I decided to just go for dinner la. We went McD. Ketawa all the way about roaches and stuff. Ngok betul. And I bought him a shirt that says "To LAH or not to LAH!" since he always use the word LAH dunnoe since when. =.=!

And he gave me this lil' musical mechanism thingy that played by the tune "Jesus Loves Me". I would say it's a great gift.

Thanks Orang Utan! And that's basically how the real day ended. Oh..and Andrew texted me and wished me too and asked me to check a YouTube video. Almost forgot but luckily he posted on the chatbox. And DUDE! Damn darn sweet giler. Thanks yea!

On Tuesday after class, Zheng and Zafri planned to have dinner with us but like tak jadi cos' Sathom couldn't make it. But dunnoe how come Danny and I ended up in front of that dude's house. Nevermind. Anyway, we had a brief "dinner" of pizzas and Zafri's proud "Limau Ais" drinks in Sathom's place. We met his new housemate too. Mondey? I dunnoe how to spell. Anyway, we got crowned~! Btw, thx for taking us in dude and also Zheng and Zaf, thx so much for this effort. And Danny, thx for coming!


I think that's basically sum up my 22nd birthday. Thanks to all who took the time to text me and your calls too.

I have a gila class... In fact my class is so gila that we have the whole Lion King casts in it. And my class is so small. Minus those who decided to drop, we are left with only 6 surviving ones.
Tanyus - The famous Rafiki
Selvia - Timon
Wahyu - Simba (Obviously, since he's the onli guy)
Chris - Scar
Diana - Nala ( i dunnoe why)
Me - Pumbaa...
And life had been so hectic. AND I LOST MY PENDRIVE!!! (Do the penguin dance) Sedihnyer aku tak terhingga!!! Kla..Let the pictures do the talking.

Hoho...Dee... Itula... Kan dah cakap I will post?

Design Method 2 class~!

Anyway, I went to watch Ah Long Pte.Ltd with nesia, Tanyus and Selvia. lawak giler. laughed until cannot breath. Betul-betul lawak I tell you. Go and watch. I needed an oxygen mask. Really laughed until cannot brewath. Mark Lee is superb la. fantastic actor. And KK was in it! With Daniel Tan! *Drool*

Kla kla..dowan talk d... That's all la I guess. Tak hutang lagi kan??

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