Tuesday, April 15, 2008

7 hour interval post...

Date : 15th April 2008
Time : 7.45PM
Listening to : Nothing...thunder kot...
Where : Wen's room - KL

Dang... This is just boring. One more final to go. Before I started on this post, I was actually trying...okla..maybe not trying la... forced to sit down in front of this comp and play an interesting computer game...yea right..I wish...actually...forced to do Design Method 2 final project. Mangkuk man. After spending like almost 8 hours of HK drama marathon with Zheng (from 12AM - 7.30AM), slept from 8 to 12pm...and spent another 3 hours of watching that lame Malaysian Dreamgirl reality shows with Zafri... (don't ask why I watched that show when it's lame...I just like to watch lame stuff), I finally started work like...around...1 hour ago? Dang... I am so in holiday mood d lor. And I don't think I want to work lor. And I don't think I want to go presentation lor. And...and... and I think I want to continue watching my drama LOR!!! Sigh~!

But yeala..I will finish up the work la... And get it printed tomorrow, just to make sure everything will be good for presentation tomorrow. Anyway, today was a crazy day with Zheng and Zafri. We had a switch of roles. I was to be Zheng and Zheng was me. LOL...It was hilarious when we failed to imitate each other. My bro was like, "She got like that meh?" when Zheng talked to him. "Wen...eat la.."... Lol! So, it was pretty crazy...

(7 hours later)

K...just got back from dinner with Zafri, Zheng and Sathom at the Thai Restaurant. Helped to think bout the visual for the 7 deadly sins. Sathom's final photography shoots. Came up with a couple of good ones. Then came back and watched the drama classes we had with Gary. Hilarious. And Zheng painted that dude's nails. x.x Ugh~! With some silver heart shapes on the big toe. WAHAHAHAHA!

Well, will blog bout some other stuff later...It's like 3 minutes to 10 and my work was left unattended since... since I started this post. That means I am pretty much....slacking a lot. -.o


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