Friday, April 11, 2008

Cut the rope and float away with my balloons~!

Date : 11th April 2008
Time : 10.22PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Malacca-Room

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~! Finished flash project wei~! Tak sangka aku...Migraine whole nite, pia whole nite, tak tido whole nite, akhirnya bisa habis jua...... I really didn't expect to finish every single "possible" outcomes for whatever user choices that might turn out to be. But I guess, biasa d la...Takper la... But anyway, during presentation, my flash din work. Couldn't figure out why. I shouldn't have publish it again la. Font wasn't found so everything lari. But surprise, surprise, I was calmer that how I usually would be when things went wrong. Takder panic sampai mau nangis and all. But eventually, with Chris' lappie, I managed to transfer the fonts from the net and republish it again. I even thought of barging into Mac Lab and publish my file there sebab I know they have Nilland font there~! Eventually, everything turned out well. Thank God!!!

And then, after that, ehehehehe... As promised by Hazmer, he chia-ed us eat sushi at his fav restaurant, Sushi Zanmai. I think I visited that place more than I 've visited Sushi King. It's good la really. Price was ok. I usually won't go unless my classmates wanna go la. But today...muahahahaah! Makan alot man.... And get to try alot stuff that I've not tried before except...for the baby octopus...eeeyeerrrr...... And macam biasa...say full d still got things inside my mouth. Darn glutton max wei... But thanks yea Hazmer.

Back in Malacca for now. 2 more subs to go and walah! Free from this term. Anyway, had a couple of silly laughter in class today. Vomit metaphor... =.=! Cut the rope or climb the rope. I think when I cut rope, I will be floating away with my balloons...whatever that means. Haha...

Guess nothing much left to say in this entry la. But yea, girl, if you read my blog, please, do cheer up. Not easy to do, but climb that bloody rope. You'll make it. Or cut the rope and float with thy balloons~... and not fall into the unknown as claimed by my lecturer. =.=!

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty's too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide

Sometimes when we touch - Dan Hill

Wokie! Cabut pi tido dulu~! 24 jam sih tak tido!


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