Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Date : 8th April 2008
Time : 11.29PM
Listening to : Obras (BG sound)
Where : MC - Room

Finally finished 2 major mia final project. All seemed well. Have to worry for flash now. Aih... Well, anyway, that day we had a trip to the Annexe. Went for onedotzero: graphic_cities screenings. The first clip was ok... But the second one (Obras by Hendrick Dusollier) was stunningly good. Found it on youTube... Ehehhe...Lucky yea. But for the rest except for a few totally made me doze off especially A Place to Passage by Hussein Chalayan and Neutral. Maybe it's just me but it failed to capture me. It's too long, too slow. Tried so hard to keep awake. I vote that as the worst. No offence meant. I guess it's just my preference. And there were a couple of local short films. I've seen Arms of Marrianne by Jordan Suleiman, a music video for Pete Teo a couple years back and I thought it was good. And I like it still when tey screened it again that day. Majidee was quite thought provoking I would say. Cannot tahan Dear Stella's background music. I think they should adjust the PA system to make it less annoying cos' the music chosen was super high pitch and when you on it full blast, they were literally attempting to burst my ear drums. I got quite agitated and so was Selvia. My Mind b Tony Pietra was... lame but I think it's funny. Haha... I dunnoe la..lame la really but I like it somehow. I guess different people has different opinion on that piece of work. Oh, and one more local work that I absolutely adore was Style in Progress by Andrew Yeoh. It is like Dee and Wahyu's styles together. Cool graffiti works. One more interesting work from the other side of the world (UK) is Oskar Aglert's work: Nature of our times. It's a short clip on how the nature took over the urban cities. Cool right? Neway... Enjoy these clips. Obras is little bit long but it's quite mind-boggling. The effects and message delivered are really strong.


Arms of Marianne

Sorry, could only get these 2 from youTube. Enjoy! Off to do my flash now! Oh, btw, Hazmer, congrats on TLC. TGI FRIDAY yea?!?!!?


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