Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sajer nak update...

Date :6th April 32008
Time : 9.18PM
Listening to : Don't go breaking my heart - Elton John & Kiki Dee
Where : Room

Actually I wanted to blog about Malaysian DreamGirl and Kenny Sia one but I figured there are so not worth it. Though I do enjoy his blog sometimes but the MDG one was a total crap. What a judge. *Roll Eyes*

But anyway... children ministry without adult's help was... far from good but not too disastrous. But good enough that we managed to keep them quiet for a second or two. =.o! Lately, I was able to bond with BSGC people. Cos' I was quite reserved there but now like how I am in MGC d...Prob not so crazy la. But it was fun today knowing Adeline more. =)

Action script class was okayy. Did the external action script thingy. Was pretty confused at first la. But now so much better. And Hazmer did some "magic" tricks. Perrrrr.... Tak magic langsung lah. And sammo in the car, Wahyu, Selvia, Hazmer and I had such a laugh on the Si Musang and Si Kancil story. Darn lawak.

Hmmm, besides all these, I guess there isn't much to update. I guess nothing worth bising about. And anyway, so be it for everything that happened. Nothing I can do anyway and I don't need to prove myself.


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