Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I am darn high on joy right now

Date : 30th April 2008
Time : 11.39PM
Listening to : Whistle for the choir - The Fratellis
Where : Room - Malacca

I am most warn you guys I am pretty high on joy right now. I have no idea why!!! Since I went to Prayer Meeting that is. Anyway, today was the "youngest" PM ever man. All who came was youths and only Uncle Hoh was the adult there. Okla... Auntie Yu Ming also but we considered her as youth tonight. Nyehnyehnyeh. Sin Lan was back for the break. Ohohoho! Another helper for Children Ministry. It was a small group today but it was good nonetheless. :) It's my first Prayer Meeting this year. I think so. I couldn't remember.

After PM, Yen and I went to Tmn Asean mamak. (As triggered by Shaun). And Yen noticed I was pretty high. Haha. Have no idea why. And yes, she got it right I guess. I am a nerdish designer. And we both think nerd is not un-cool ok. And sammo I'm a skema nerd. Hahaha. And I told her my nerd moments when I was younger and she was laughing like crazy. Aih... macam biasa kan. I remembered the times when 3 of us hung out together, and IF i know how to sing any songs from Hitz/FLY FM, sure that 2 will ketawa one. Dong betul. Tau ler aku ni oldies sikit. Perrr... Eheheeh...

Anyway, regarding the news that got me both excited and scared. Yea, my lecturer, Hazmer sms-ed one fine day when I was reading back my journal, laughing to myself. And he asked if I am interested to draw for his upcoming game la. Terus I terdiam and I went, "HAR?!?!!?!? Is he mad? I can hardly draw lah!" and i text-ed him telling him that la. And he replied back, "Are you kidding me? Saw your project and blablabla", *Tak leh ingat*... And then I said I scared lah! Hahaha. And then he called and asked what was I scared of and all. Aiya... tentu lah takut... Ini project not main main one ok. Kalau cannot handle then ma mati lah right??? But anyway, after discussing with my bro, dad and mom and cousin (Yeah, I asked a lot ppl) I decided to take up the job la. I guess no harm right since Hazmer said he will finish up the project by the 5th week of my term. So won't really affect my studies. And besides, he's looking for the kind of art style that I used for my final project. Quite biasa with that style d so shud be ok la. So, I am both excited and ketakutan at the same time. Ehehehe.

And surprisingly the game that he had in mind was rather similar with my final project. Tomorrow he'll be in Malacca to meet up with my bro and I regarding this. Yeap, my bro will be helping me with this. Told Zafri about this and he said I am such a dongoi. Dunnoe takut aper. I also dunnoe lah! Bodoh semacam.

Now for the bimbotic part of my life. CINDY MENANG MDG LAH! APA INI?! Eeeeyer... Em chai lah. End of my bimbotic rant.

My sister called me lah~! Ahahaha. So so happie. Okla... I just met her in Singapore. But it was so gooooooooood to hear from her even though it's just about the camera and all. She sounded fine. Eheeheehe...

I am high. I admit. But dunnoe high on what. It all started at home I think when I watched the Singapore series "Switched" starring Fann Wong with my 2 bros. Then after it ended I said... "Wah!!! He's the most normal handsome guy I've seen!". My bros gave me this look... =.=! And then the older one said, "Got normal handsome and not normal handsome one mer?".

Me : Of course lah! Like Jude Law and all... That's unachievable handsomeness. But this one normal handsome.
Bro : Har????
Me : Yeala. When normal handsome means he really handsome but achievable la!
Bro : Crazy...
Me : You tell me, he handsome or not?
Bro : Okla.
Me : What ok??? You no taste!
Bro : Yeala. Then you want me say boys handsome??
Me : Why not? I also got say girls pretty what.
Bro : You girls say girls pretty biasa lah. But guys saying another guy handsome really something wrong lor!
Me : Where got like that one....
Bro : Yeala!
Me : *sweat* o.0

Yeala... Actually if suddenly a guy friend come and tell me that a guy is handsome right, I will be sweating even more. Example :

Andrew : Eh, Chen Li... Thye Chuan handsome hor?
Me : o.0! Err... GA... You okie ah?

Lol... I use Andrew cos' I know he takkan marah me and I use Chuan cos' he's a ketiak so he can't do much except suffocating me to death with the stinkiness. It's just a random thing la. I am darn high. Even my post also something wrong.

Kla kla... I better stop here. Anymore nonsense I think I'll have to terjun laut and join Yen's CPU liao. And I am currently 0.3 Shaun.

Oh, updated my the other blog too. This blog 90% text (as quoted from yen). The other one, 90% images*I hope*.



hwei said...

congratulations. your current blog post has upgraded you to 0.8 shaun.

Chen said...


hwei said...

too late! =P

mau said...

yeah... u better do smth or else,it may end up in 1.0 shaun... wakakaka

Chen said...


senorita.. said...

eh ur bros are normal.. guys dont say other guys handsome.. they simply dunno how to judge other guys (given that they're not gays-erm,ok mayb this justify their non-gayness) hehhee

Chen said...

lol...actually true also la. None of my guy frens actually say other guys handsome. hahaha...