Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Typing in Notepad, world most canggih invention

Date : 29th April 2008
Time : 11.28PM
Listening to : Err... Watching Disney Channel?
Where : Living Room – Malacca

Alaaa... Cannot online for a couple of days. So typing in the most "canggih" invention ever: Notepad. I quoted Joanne Ng, my lecturer. Ehehehe... Anyway, Dunnoe if anyone heard of Jonah/Jonas/Jonak brothers; whatever they were called. Just saw them on Disney Channel. A new boy band I think. Gosh, they sounded really, really like Nick Carter from BSB. *I am not entertaining any "boo" from anybody who hates BSB. I like them ok?!?!?!* Anyway, I think... I won't like the band. Terrible songs and vocal combination. Whatever lah. I just don't like the way they sing. Light&Easy is the best! *Ehehehehe...Oldies rocks!*

Anyway... I came up with a design for GY's wedding card. BUT I DON"T LIKE IT~! I dunnoe why... And people knows that if I don't like my work, I can't really continue. T_T But I am coming up with a couple more to see if it works. Sweat. And I had a really weird dream last night. And to think that I put programming to rest this holiday right... but nooooooooooooooo~! I dreamt that Tanyus and I were in this water theme park and we were trying to programme the water speed to make it faster. And after a couple of tries, we were washed out of that tunnel. Then after that we saw Selvia and we walked together to this restaurant where I saw Geng Yi and Grace la. Then I asked Geng Yi, "Eh, GY, what you want to put inside the wedding card?" And GY was looking pretty blur so I asked Grace instead and she passed me one whole stack of wedding cards for reference. =.=! Then Tanyus, Selvia and I walked towards this cafe la or something and we were supposed to order Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon. And before I woke up, I remembered saying, "Why wanna sit here? A lot nyamuk lah!" o.0! What kinda dream is this? I really hope I could come up with something soon for the card. Ehehehe... Can't wait for the wedding siot!

Oh.. and yea... yesterday the adults were catching all those ticks from Jacky. Goodness... Should have seen that dude struggled. Ugh~! Those stupid ticks. Go find other things to suck la. +.+

Kla... Signing off now. Buaiiiiiii~!



hwei said...

JONAS brothers la! XD eh got some songs not bad noe. actually their songs quite nice wan, it's just that the guy with the uber curly hair buat banyak lebih a lot - like with "When you look me in the eyes". nice song actually! ish. listen to Year 3000, and then watch this.

Chen said...

jeng... for real? I thought so too la..too much of...berlebih-lebihan. Hahaha...