Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday is a good day

Date : 27th April 2008
Time : 9.11PM
Listening to : I can't tell you why - The Eagles
Where : My Room - Malacca

First of all... Timothy from Eagles is sooooooooooo hawt~! *swoon* Okla..the voice.

Okay, back to business. I am so scared now!! I posted previously that I was to do the storytelling for next week children's ministry right???? And today in church Auntie Kiat Tin actually approached me and asked me to take over her class also ok~! So meaning I have to do the storytelling for the main session and then take over Auntie Kiat Tin's class a.k.a the hyper kids class for the teaching one. *faint* A bit scared now. But thank God that Sin Yee's back to help me translate the language and all. Or I'll be half dead by the end of the saturday ministry. T.T But anyway, I am glad at the same time cos' I could help la. Filled up my holz days. And Auntie Angelina asked me to make sure I will be around next week Sunday cos' it's Little Sarah's birthday. Gonna celebrate in church. Lol. And she asked me to bring something for her and perform for her since I am so hyper. Wahahaha... No way man. What to perform?? Buat lawak bodoh can la. And then Uncle Anthony asked me to help Auntie Angelina to decorate the back area for Sarah's birthday next week. Well, I guess I can do something.

Then I went for badminton after a year and a half. Yeala, since I went TOA ma. And I mean went badminton = main ok... Not duduk sana jaga budak-budak and chat about lalat and all. Okla... I did jaga budak also la today but not as much as last time. Played 3 sets and kalah 3 sets. HAHAHAHAHAH! Hey, at least not as bad as last time when I partner ngan si ju ok. We kalah teruk to Auntie Jen's team. 15-0. Can you believe it???? This time I partnered with Auntie Angelina, Yen Mei and Sharma. Sial mia Sharma. Made me run like crazy. Lucky I can run. Syabas! 13-15! Tapi kalah jua. But more syabas! First time no lebam here and there. UAHAHAHAHA! Ini betol betol syok sendiri. After badminton, I followed Uncle Tony back to his place to get the balloons for Sunday. Sarah so super adorable. Tarik tarik tangan wanna show me the pond and all. Hehehe...

Today in church also quite lawak. Tak sangka still got people call me Michelle?? Lol... Shu Lynn... Shu Lynn... Lawak la that budak. No wonder can ngam with MGC kids. All gila semacam. And Daniel emoe la today. MU kalah to Chelsea. And yeah, today helped to wash plates and all la. So long since I've done that. Ever since I went Kay-El, my name is not under the duty list already so tak yah me wash. But today I had fun washing. Lawak thing came after Yen noticed that the sink was so messed up after that. Her expression and all darn lawak wei... After everything, I drove Adrian, Yen and Sarah (Big one..not the small one) to MP for sushi. Went Sushi King. After that went to the nerd place again to get Yen's book. Then sent Adrian home. Along the way, Sarah earned the name of Community Service Message girl. And her theory of why the motorcyclist so kesian. He got no money to buy car so the wife and the kid have to berhimpit on one motor. The kid paling kesian cannot look in front. You know why? Cos' the dady and mummy himpit defler in the midle so he has to look sideway to breath. Hahahah! Darn lawak sial this Chocho (Sarah)... And the message for this story is...

Earn more money to buy a car...

Haha! Tak kena mengena kan??? Lawak semacam. Oh, and yea, I just found out how my church youths measure the level of lame-ness one has. You measure with "Shaun". My lame level is currently 1 kilo of Shaun. =.o! I am speechless too.

I am gonna be a bit SS today by saying... I baru sajer realized yesterday that I am pretty funny. You now why? Cos' I read back my blog entries after STPM and old journals and I laughed at the things that I wrote. If I can laugh at what I wrote, I guess I am funny. HAHAHAHAHAH! Okla... Not like I've never laughed at my own stoopid jokes before but yeah... like I said... I will SS hari ini. I am so funny I made myself laugh. Fuh... Not bad.

I guess that made me worth 2 kilos of Shaun.

Till then! Buaiiiiiiiiiiii~!



sarah said...

actually i didn't think its funny until u all intepret my message wrongly lo. now i think its funny. so HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Chen said...

Hahahaha!Gila! Now onli think it's funny. You shud ask yen mei what she was actually imagining when you said that. It was more lawak ok?