Saturday, April 26, 2008

Children Minitry and Dad's Birthday!

Date : 26th April 2008
Time : 11.07PM
Listening to : Some chinese song from somebody else's lappie
Where : My Room - Malacca

Dang...Suddenly I went blank. Dunnoe what to write. Okla... I guess I start with my day la. Went early for youth first. But somehow I ended up helping in the children ministry. I wouldn't say I am new in this ministry la since I think almost everyone knows that I can work with children quite well and I pretty much love hanging around them. I am not pedo ok. But still, I haven't really work with MGC's children ministry before la. I kinda just helped out for the christmas party twice, the Mother's day art and craft once and sports day lor. But for teaching one... nope. And although I helped out with the children ministry in BSGC almost every week, I have no hands on experience in teaching la ok. Wait... storytelling once in GLO Kuala Kangsar children ministry. The story of Jonah. Okla... I guess I wasn't that bad. So today, I was suddenly helping out, and yeah... helped Jun Yi with the story of Zaccheus. Dunnoe spell correctly or not. But anyway, it was quite hard to capture the kids' attention la. And I think the youths laughed at my expression when I joined them after the children thingy. Traumatized. Next week will be my turn for the storytelling session. Goodness... Most of the children understand Chinese. And my Chinese really tak laku one okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk... Oh noes... But with God's grace, everything will be in place, I am sure of that. And yea, I also helped Auntie Kiat Tin with the notorious hyperactive boys class. Wah... Really la... Jun Yi was right, you need physical restraints for one of the boys. Or maybe two Ok...Make that 3. And when I first entered that class, one boy asked me, "Eh, chie chie... You no longer wear the teeth thing ah?"... He asked in chinese la. I was like blur... I thought he remembered me from the last christmas thing. I know he meant braces but I've never wore braces so I said, "No ar... Never had any teeth thing before wor..." And only when I was about to go back I realized why he asked that. He thought I was Su Chen, Jun Yi's girlfriend. Hahahah! How come kid's got such short term memory one?? They just met Su Chen last week and me this week and they thought I was her. (Su Chen wasn't around) They asked me why I didn't follow Jun Yi back. That's when it dawned on me la that they thought I was Su Chen. Darn lawak.

And Jasmine was so adorable. Gosh. This toddler ah. She likes me finally. Hahaha... Okla... Jasmine wasn't too much of a problem la. Sarah a bit moody. Haha...And Uncle Tony was like telling me that I am the 2nd daughter. I said shouldn't I be the first since I am an older "Michelle" compared to the real Michelle. He said I came 2nd cos' I got the name later than her daughter. Lol... Lawak. Well, anyway... It was a rather fun day hanging out in church. Lost one more round of "bop bop" with Shaun. That was a cheat btw Shaun! I was busy with the kids. And Adrian, that was unfair that you sided Shaun instead of your sis. >|

Then yen and I went Popular a.k.a the old POP to search for her book la. Then we went to Tong Shui House for some snack. Sedap...~! Yum Yum. Ehehehe... The night before, we went to burger King since Cell Group meeting was canceled. Did some catching up and all la. Then we went Ruffey (I called it Reggie... =.=!) and bought a pensi box... okay la... Pencil box la... I pronounced it Pensi Box since dunnoe when. Ehehehe... Then we went to the nerd place . MPH. Nerd place aper... All books. Haha. Bought Computer Arts mag. Was actually searching for the latest Idn la. I got the newsletter already. Seemed interesting and I wanna buy that issue but Malaysia not out yet. Aper la... Then after that we went for an ice cream break at McD!! Ehehehe... Then after that we cabut balik rumah.

And today is my DADDY's birthday! Still 40 to me although I think he is way older than that. But always 40 to me. I dunnoe why. Ahahaha... And although he doesn't read my blog, I still wanna say...


Love him so much mannnnnnn~! Greatest daddy ever...

And I really have to start sorting out my emails. I have the most outstanding unread emails ever. I already cleared most of it. I still have 62 mails to go. The most I had was 200++. And you have no idea how many people actually asked me, "You don't read mails one ah????". True, I don't. I just glanced through my inbox. If I see anything that is important or interesting, then I will clicked it. If not, I will just close the browser. So, don't bother to forward me mails unless you put in really catchy titles like, "Chen Li... Result's out. You failed Web Design I" or "Chen Li, I want to belanja you buffet" or even better, "Chen Li, I got free tickets to Morocco"... Then I might just click on those mail la. I am more likely to click on the result one. I mean, of course la right??? TOA blacked out my result once and colour coded my result the term after that. Phobia one ok??? If this term they do that again... I dunnoe what I will do. It's pretty exhausting to have your heartbeat beating so fast ok. Ugh~ AND THEN TELL ME IT'S TECHNICAL ERROR. Of course la I'm happie it's an error buthen hor, very menakutkan one ok?

Ish... how come I talk so much nowadays. =.= Okla...Signing off now. Tomorrow have to go church. Bubye~!



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It's Zacchaeus. =P

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90% words blog

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=.o... eeeee...mencaci aku~! Aku banyak content maaaaaaaaaa~! eeeeeeee.... jahat... ( dang! I sounded like Hanis from MDG)