Friday, April 25, 2008

Why I watched MDG?

Date : 25th April 2008
Time : 6.00PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Parent's Room - Malacca

Actually, I wanted to start this post with : "She's out! She's out! Ringo is out of MDG!" Buthen while I waited for the page to load, I was thinking, maybe she really wanted this la. So I decided to just tune down a bit. For those who were wondering why I watched MDG (Malaysian Dream Girl) when I complained so much... I also don't know. I guess I am just way too kepochi la.

Anyway, final 3 are Hanis, Cindy and Adeline. Still, I think Jay has the potential. Cindy... Ok onie lah. No comment. Actually Nadia also not too bad but I don't like her attitude. Don't like Cindy's one also la. Don't whether she's fiction of fact when on tv...sorry... online. Ringo kan... Sorry la... I really don't think she has the potential la to be a model. Host or something along that line boleh la. I just think there are girls that are better than her and Malaysians out there dunnoe how to vote. =.o *Okay, please don't shoot*

Kla... I feel darn irritated with myself also for posting this one up. So dong la. Got nothing to do. =.= Now gonna watch ANTM. Toodles~!


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