Friday, April 18, 2008


Date : 18th April 2008
Time : 12.23PM
Listening to : Flowers in the window - Travis
Where : Wen's room

YAY~! Term ended. I think I should be able to pass every subject. I hope. Man...I definitely hope TOA won't give me another heart attack. Blackout my name..color code my subjects grades and all. If not that would be the 3rd time if it happens again. Eeeee... Dowan... Well, anyway, thank God that Sweii seemed okay with my work. But she said I didn't push my concept further and it is a potential BIG idea. Wooo~! Never thought of that. And we had 5 seniors... or 6, I couldn't remember, that came and gave opinions on our work. woohoohoo.... One of them wanna keep my work. GAHAHAHAAH~! Ahem...cis...prasan semacam. *clapz self*

Yesterday while in class, I was having a weird kind of headache. Don't know how to describe. Ish... And yea..going back malacca in a couple of hours time. OH! And yea, I met Melinda for lunch also. Ok big deal la but it's good to catch up again and she is currently teaching in TOA's Da Vinci Kids. So I guess we'll meet more often now la.

K k...gotta pack. Ta~!

*Darn Random*


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