Saturday, April 19, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 1

Date : 19th April 2008
Time : 10.00PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Sis' room - Singapore

So tired. Backpack was heavy. Distance between each places were far. And I am weak~! It's true... (sob)... I am actually weak. Tanyus and I were wishing that some big hunks would appear and carry our stuff for us.

So, at 9.00AM, we boarded the bus to Singapore. And when we were at Woodsland, we couldn't find any money changer. Meaning, we were penniless. So, we jumped unto the malacca bus, (although we have no idea where he will bring us to) and hoped that we will end up in town. We were seriously penniless. And when we reached our destination, we asked the bus driver if they was any money changer there and he said no. Sweat. But still, Tan and I decided to find one. But we were at lost where to go. To the left or to the right? So as usual... I asked, "3 or 10?"... LOL. Ok, for those who dunnoe what that means, it's actually the way I decide on something when I really dunnoe what to choose. So I will assign an option to one of the number. (I chose 3 and 10 cos it's my birthdate numbers) Then I'll ask somebody to choose the number. Tan chose 3 so we took the left turn la. Thank God that he led us to the right path. We not only found the money changer but we got so many people who helped us with the direction and all. And we found the Bugis MRT station. And although I would say that MRT is faster that our LRT... but I really cannot tahan that I needed to change train so many times. But it was very well ventilated and all la. You have no idea how many times I actually changed train today. So sick of City Hall station.

When we reached Orchard, we met up with Selvia and Audrey which was really great cos we finally get to put our luggages down in their apartment. Then we met Sel's friend, Daisy, Selfie and Teddy. Dunnoe spelling correct or not. Anyway, we went lunch with them at Hard Rock Cafe. Damn expensive. I acrually really didn't wanna go there but aiya... I dunnoe how to say no. After lunch, Tan and I left early. Stopped at Tanjong Pagar station and found Red Dot Design Museum. I did some internet search for places to go and this was one of them. And it was a good place to visit. Product design that won Red Dot award. Great thing about the museum is that you are allowed to take pictures. Took some. And I must say that it's pretty interesting. But I guess not everyone will like it. Tan and I goof-ed around and even took a very lame video there. LOL. We tried to look for Singapore City Gallery. But when we reached there (just across the road from Red Dot), the gallery was already closed. So we went around taking pictures and all. Stopped for ice cream break. Then we headed back to Orchard. We were super d duper tired already. I went to get my stuff from the apartment and headed towards Clementi to meet my sis at around 7.00++... it was such an AGONY to travel from chard to City Hall and then from City Hall to CLementi which was 9 stations away with that heavy backpack. I kept on telling myself "You can one... Dun pengsan"... =.0! Don't ask me what's inside that bag ok. It's just a 3 days worth of clothes and 2 references book I brought to help me generate ideas for GY's wedding card design. And of course my sketchbook in my handbag and my bro's camera. Okla...maybe a lot.... Let me rephrase... sounds like alot but it's actually not heavy until yopu carried it for long.

When I finally reached Clementi, I dumped some stuff to my sis. Heehehee.... I think she's worried that I will be lost in Singapore and all. Cannot recognize the road back to her place and all. *Grinz* I really think I can manage. But I guess a younger sister will always be a younger sister. So tend to be worried about. Cos' she will be leaving for Malacca tomorrow (how ironic) and so I will be alone here with her hsemates.

And yeh! Can play with her 3 chinchillas. Pip grew so fast lah. Like to nibble ppl's finger. So adorable. Maybe I will take a couple of their pictures tomorrow. Hmmm... And post it up if I have the mood. Ehehehehe....

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took with my bro's Nikon D40. I suck real bad I tell you with all those settings and all. I really dunnoe how to operate it. I only remember some lil stuff he taught me but dang. Pictures were either over exposed or under exposed. Those pisctures with clouds here were touched up with Photoshop. The rest were how it was taken except for one or two where I adjusted the level and curve. Sorry la... Takda skill... Photography class next term.

Well, one really cool thing about Singapore is that they preserve the old buildings really really well. And I am a great fan of nice buildings especially the old ones. I have a thing for buildings btw. EHEHEHE... Kla...Signing off now. Update more tomorrow~!



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