Monday, April 21, 2008

Dropping by, half dead.

Date : 21st April 2008
Time : 5.35PM
Listening to : Love will come true - Travis
Where : Sis' Room - Singapore

Darn tiring I could just die. Couldn't post about yesterday cos' I was way too tired. Can't really post about what happened these 2 days cos' in about an hour, I will be meeting Ketiak a.k.a Thye Chuan for dinner. Travelling might take about half an hour la. Haih...Sien....Singapore needs lotsa travelling. I wish I have a car. T.T

And yea, guys, for those who texted or called my maxis line, I won't be answering any of those cos I'll be using my sis' line. And she will be using mine. So yeah, I'll get back to you guys asap. And who knows..Next Monday I might end up on a 4 days fully paid trip to Sabah with a friend. If time allows and I have nothing on, I'll be helping her out with a camp planning or something.

Currently very addicted to Travis after that dude asked me to check out their vids and all. Love Flowers at the window. Man... Super tired. Dunnoe if I will die when I'm on my way to City Hall.


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