Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My unbaked cookie and a scary dude

Date : 22nd April 2008
Time : 12.58AM
Listening to : My own typing
Where : Sis' place - Singapore

I had like the scariest, panic moment that lasted for 3 seconds when I walked my way back from Clementi Station to my sis' flat. There was this guy who walked behind me and then when we reached the traffic light crossing, he was ahead of me la. So I thought it was ok right, But he was darn suspicious looking. He kept on looking back like making sure I'll be behind him and all you know.l So I thought at one junction he and I will be taking a different route or something but heck no. So I took another route and dang, I saw him again and he was checking my direction again. I am so not kidding and I am so not perasan ok. So I stopped for a while and then I lost him. So I continued walking la. Then i took down one earphone and I heard like got people's footstep. I panicked and turned around la. Cos I was pretty sure he was still in front of me. Manatau it's my own footsteps enchoing. Bangang. Panicked for 3 seconds. And then I saw him again and he was still checking my direction again and again. Crap, I've never ran so fast up the flight of stairs in my life. I AM SO NOT KIDDING AND I WASN'T HALLUCINATING~! Whatever... I still got a fright. Usually if things like that happened I won't feel as panicky as this but there's something about this guy that creeped me out from afar. Nyeh... Guess I was just too tired.

Neway, will update bout Ketiak later. Man, when he told me online (when I was at KL) that he will treat me pork ribs right, I thought it was some chinese shop or something lor. Mana tau... he brought me to Tony Romas lae. Crazy not? Cis...working people sure are different. Update later. Anyway, Chuan, thanx a bunch man. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream too yea?!

And the full moon was really fascinating when I was walking back. I was thinking, "Eh..I used to call it something back when I was in term 2"... Then I remembered.

My unbaked cookie.

Aih, it's been such a long time man. It's just particularly nice today. Too bad I couldn't enjoy it for long since I had to run back home. Cis...

K. Hope to update soon. Ta!


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