Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 2

Date : 22nd April 2008
Time : 4.49PM
Listening to : Don't know much - Linda Ronstadt + Aaron Neville
Where : Sis' place - Singapore

Adrian had been bugging me for updates since afternoon lae. Apa ini. Kan dah cakap tengah edit photos. Ish ish. Anyway, Gonna update on the 2nd day here.

Tanyus came to Clementi at around 11AM. Put her stuff down and we headed back to the MRT station to meet up with Agnes. She was so nice you know the whole day. Both of us practically didn't spend any money that day cos' Agnes insited on paying. Thanks man. Anyway, she brought us to Faiz Plaze (I think) and chia-ed us this Jap food. Barbequed food on sticks. It's really a quaint little shop. very cosy and nice. The chef cooked in front of us and he is so cool la. The salt throwing accuracy was very fascinating. Haha. But really la, the food there was fantastic. Too bad... i dunnoe the name of the restaurant. But according to Agnes, it's been there for 20 over years already.

Then we went to check out Singapore Art Museum. We passed through Chijmes. It's a nice place. Love the church there. Architecture was really nice. Love the stained glass too. Anyway, we didn't really check out the museum. Though I was really interested in the fabric art thingy. But I guess we didn't really have enough time. Didn't have time to check out the library too. (I am not a nerd) But we did check out the Hippo ride though. As lame as it may sound, it's actually pretty good. It's a double decker bus. The second floor is actually topless. Great area to take photos. In fact most of the pictures taken that day was on the bus. It's a great way to see the whole city without having to walk. But seriously la... no offense... The tour guides were pretty lame one lor. So lame that Tan and I almost rolled off the bus and die of their lameness. And really man, even yesterday when Tan and I hoped onto the bus, the other tour guide was telling us how the architect explained the concept of Clark Quey's roof, the answer was so dotz. I dunnoe what you guys think la. But for us both I think it's really dotz lor. And at that point, I was so tempted to just sms-ed that si Zafri and tell him that he no longer rank no.1 in my lame list. At first, we still can tahan la. Then by the 3rd time I took the bus, I really dunnoe how to react already. So I stoned all the way to Botanic Garden. Really...no offense. But it was torturous. Okla...they were being very friendly la har. Aku banyak complaint kot. But really, you get to know quite a number of stuff if you take that ride.

Anywaaaaaaaaayyyyy... We took an ice cream break while waiting for Abby to join us for dinner. We travelled all the way to Sengkang for dinner. 4 of us took the taxi to Ponggol Marina. The chilli crab there was good. Darn big ok. And it was near the jetty. So took a couple of shots there. I really have very unstable hands. So I didn't get such good shots. But the food was good and satisfying. Went back at around 11++ I think.

And yeap, Tanyus and I really wanna thank Agnes for bringing us around and chia us also. And also Abby for joining us for dinner. :)

That basically summed up the 2nd day. It was fun but tiring at the same time. Here are a few pictures out of the many that I've taken. The decent lookable ones. LOL.

And these are the pictures of my sister's pet. Pebble the mom, WHisky the dad and Pip the babe.

That's all for now! Update soon! Ta!!!



mau said...

the 1st word or name in this post is the best... ^ ^ hehehe... thanx sis..

Chen said...

punya konon!!