Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back for the weekend!

Date : 18th May 2008
Time : 9.28PM
Listening to : My Sacrifice - Creed
Where : Room - Malacca

Haih...nampaknyer, I won't be able to update on my term break la. By the time I can update it's already berita basi d. Hahha... Actually, I think I will still update on some stuff... I don't care. Hahahah. But not now. Basi, then basi la... It's a kind of journal anyway.

Anyway, am back in Malacca for the weekend. Main purpose is to help mom with some office stuff. Thank God it's half done d. And secondary purpose (actually one of the main ones) is to find the sources for my Digital Videography class. This class lecturer is Kenny. Eehehehe.. He still talks the same way. And we got May Yin as our tutor, the Ultraman fan. Seriously, nobody...I repeat, nobody can get that excited about "ham tan chiu yan" a.k.a salted egg eyes hero like her. I salute her la. She's so good at knowing all these hero hero stuff. Haha. Anyway, I am suppose to find some topics to propose to Kenny for our documentary shoots. Excited and yet a bit takut-takut cos' it's a short term. And the job division responsibilities scared us quite a bit. When Kenny explained the few jobs like producer, director, art director, editor and blablablah to us, I wanna zonk out d. Tanyus said she felt that she's suitable for Producer, which I agreed. Then the rest said I am suitable for Producer also. Quite honestly, I really don't want to take that up la yea. Cos' frankly speaking, I am pretty sick of responsibilities. I think that Producer thing is pretty heavy la. And I think I'm going to die doing that. But whatever comes, come la. And yea, after reasoning with Tanyus on our way home (walking), I decided to talk with the rest of the classmates. Selvia should be the monitor. We have pretty good reasons for that. Glad that she's willing to take that up.

Yea, for the Digital Photography class, it's pretty interesting having Wei Meng as the lecturer. She's so passionate about this subject. And she taught us a lot of stuff on the first class. Showed us the pin-hole image in the studio. Cool man. And even brought her "baby", a large format camera. And she even let us see through it and all. Interesting siot. OHOHOHO! I feel so blessed right now. And also the old Nikon camera. Woots.

Taken by Tanyus in class.

Web Design 2. Nothing much to elaborate about. But I've never finished 3 HTML pages in such a short time before. Ok..Fine. A lot people could have done it faster but I am a noob. Eheheh.... Marketing mia lecturer really funny la... He talked to us like we were small kids. SO lawak. Entertaining indeed.

On Friday, we gathered for Missin g pages screening at the Student Lounge. It was really last minute cos I sent the message out at 1 AM the night before. But we gathered anyway to finish up the assignment. Fuh. The night before that, Zheng and I asked Sathom out for dinner. Monde tagged along. Ohohoo. I dunnoe how to spell his name but I call him the lustful guy cos it was the overused word last term. Yea, they are shifting to Summit area soon.

Anyway, back to Malacca talk. I was werking on my mom's stuff till prob. about 2PM before we headed for lunch. And then after that, dad fetched mom and I to Ong Kim Wee there. Went to tis cop shop and see what price range we could get for a laptop. The girl said Acer new model this and that. And it's RM3299. Okay, fine. Unlicensed one, RM 2999. Ok, fine also. So we went back to PC World (which I love them to bits for the 4gb RAM PC back in Mentari) in front of my hse and asked for the same thing and see what price he could give us. Bugger, he told me that's the old model and the current updated one has extra 1gb RAM and it sells at RM2799 licensed. Bengang tak??? Lcky we came to PC World. We usually go there la cos all our stuff came from them but that that we decided to go MMC cos' someone recommended us there. Cis... See, that's why I love PC World. Cos' they gave us free wireless mouse. Actually need to top up RM20 la... Haha... And for the rest of the day, I was stuck at home with my dog. Like I mentioned, ader orang panggil keluar but I really don't feel like going out la. So I watched Who's Line Is It Anyway the whole night and working on the interior of that show houses alternately. I laughed my lungs out. So freaking funny.

And today, I went church and it was crazy. Okla... for the earlier part, of course it was worship time so pretty serious la. Then during brunch was quite funny la. And also asked a couple of people for ideas on the documentary thing. Uncle Kian Boon triggered an idea on Kampung Pantai. Man, I love that place. Anyway, after fooling around with the kids, (too bad Jasmine was asleep the whole day), I fooled around with Yen and Ju and the aunties. Hahahaha. Darn funny wei. It was so crazy that I shocked Auntie Judy. Cos I posed like this...

And several other poses

Hahahaha! She was like, aiyo! Girl where got pose like that one. hahahaha! Darn funny. Then I went back home with my dog going crazy too. He was so excited you noe. He didn't even wanna let me enter the hall.

I spent the whole afternoon seated between my parents on the bed, watching drama. Ooooh...nice feeling being the only child at home. Ehehehehe. Got mango to eat sammo. Yum yum~! After the drama, we went to fetch my youngest bro from my cousin's home and we went to this place near old The Store building. A small isolated shop there, ran by 3 old people sells delicacies there. Quite nice la. And quiet sammo. There I asked my dad about Kampung Pantai and all. I said I wanna ask if the people in Teo Chew Moi would allow me to interview them. I particularly love this shop cos the food sold there are delicious and that's the only shop that has hand dug well until now. My dad knows them. he said he think they should allow la. Anyway, the place that we ate right, got handmade deep-fried meatballs. Sedap wei.

The small lil' shop

Blur pic. but this is the entrance. That's my dad! (Taken long ago) : TeoChew Moi

The food area... It's really good despite looking like this.

And they have really nice birds there too!

The back area where the well stood.

After that, we drove pass TeoChew Moi but it was closed (as expected). Then we turned to Portugis Settlement (another interesting thing to document). Bought Muruku there. Weee~! Sedap!! Then we turned back all the way to klebang for the "Roda Lembu" kuih a.k.a Kuih Keria. Then we balik rumah. Reached home only Andrew called and said he was in front my place with Shan. Hahaa... He drove wei. My goodness. I couldn't go out but he took me for a ride around my place. There was one point, Shan and I yelled together. Cos' Andrew scared us all!!! We thought we were going to masuk longkang!!! hahahaha... Actually, he's a pretty...stable...driver. Hahaha. Considering that he just came back from US la.

Yeah... That's all that happened I guess. Aside from all these, I actually spent the rest of my time working in front of this 4 year old laptop. God bless this old dude. Faithful till the end. :)

Okay, I have to go. Da~!


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