Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stupid idiotic out of the world day

Date : 17th May 2008
Time : 7.12PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Parent's room - Malacca

Darn pissy right now. Really hate it. Dunnoe how many freakin mags you can refer to for color scheme and all. And dunnoe how many freakin times I said tried putting different color for the wall and still i don't think he listens one lor. I've never complained about him before and today is like maybe the first time in 21 years. I rephrase... 22 years. And I am not talking about my brother. Okay la fine la. He wasn't brought up to be one and all. But I just want to rant about this. And stuck home right now. I mean yeala, Chuan and Joon did asked to hang out today but I really don't have the mood. So freakin pissed off right now and I don 't think it's even related to the stupid color thing. I don't even now why I am complaining. I am just so boiled up.

What a stupid day. Thought like maybe can watch cartoon network to cool down. But those idiots stole the tv away. And now my dad is out to watch the badminton match because of that to. So irritated with everything. And I don't even think it's supposed to be irritating. Think I'm gonna kill some ants to sooth myself.

I screamed so loud I'm suffering from migraine right now.


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