Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Result keluar, aku eksiden

Date : 6th May 2008
Time : 10.50AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - Malacca

I have so many things to update ok??? But I really cannot find the time. Things about the cildren ministry, ice pat-poh with yen and Sharma, the outing with Shan, Chuan and Andrew, mom's company profile and lots more la. But that have to be delayed for the works that I ave at hand. T___T

Anyway, had my first accident. AND IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!!!Anyway, it's not serious on my side. just some scratches. But the uncle's car so kelian! Anyway, I shall not elaborate. And I just got d result just now. Danny called me. Thank God TOA didn't screw up my result this time.

4 A, 2 B. (Figures and SEA B) Wooo~! Thank God for His blessings man! Anyway, I have to go to d office liao. Have to get the stuff printed out for mom. =.= You know, kesian her. The clerk really darn blur and like tak kisah only when she talked to her. What's this lah... Ask you print the profile, didn't print. Ask you to address the other party as Ms/Mr in the letter for politeness, she said, "All this while I tak letak pun...". WOI! SURUH LETAK, LETAK SAJA LAH!!! I mean, I am not trying to be power abusive ok. But there are so many things that my mom tahan lor. Don't be so selamba can? I can overlook a lot of things but then working attitude that causes my mom's problem I cannot ok? Cos' I know in then end you create more things for my mom to do. =.= Now I sound like a stupid spoiled lady boss daughter that steps on employee's head. Takper, I don't care. Tahan so long it's about time for me to jerit here. Cis.

K k...bubye~!


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