Thursday, May 08, 2008

A very long update

Date : 8th May 2008
Time : 1.33PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - Malacca

This is going to be a very very long update. For those who tak larat wanna read, this is where you should stop. Those who doesn't like kids, skip the 2nd paragraph after this. I didn't had the time to blog about stuff for the whole week. So I'm going to do it one shot here.

Ok... Last Friday, while I was preparing for the children ministry's storytelling, Shan called.

Shan : Wong Chen Li! Where are you? (So biasa d this greeting)
Me : At home laaaa... Are you going to save me???
Shan : Jom yam cha.
Me : For real???
Shan : 15 minutes.
Me : Okay!

I was glad he called anyway cos' I was quite frustrated with myself and the lack of pictures problem for the storytelling. So I figured I have to go to the net and find those pictures instead. In Shan's car, I asked him...

Me : Oih! Andrew sudah balik right??
Shan : Now la we going to meet him.
Me : Ehehee....3rd time d.

And when we reached Andrew's place, I tried to hide and all la when Shan went down to call him. But I cannot tahan lah. SO I got out of the car and jumped right in front of his house and yelled, "AHHAHA! 3RD TIME FAILED TO SURPRISE ME!!!". And he was like , "Wah lao eh... Why you bring this woman??" Hahaha... Anyway, we went mamak at Kota Laksamana. Word of the day, "Awkward".

When I reached home, I continued with the children ministry thingy but I must admit I got distracted at times and watched the Singapore drama on YouTube. Haha. Then I started to practice telling the story at 4.30AM. Then tidor. Anyway, the children was rowdy I tell you. You know, I don't usually yell at children unless I reached my boiling point. And I have high tolerance on kids, especially other ppl's kids. It started off like this. When the kids got down from the bus and ran in the church, I already wanna pengsan already. Adrian and Tse Shuen were like telling me it's ok one and blablablah. But I'm still a bit takut la. Jess they all pulak laughing. Terrible. So I chatted with one of the well-known notorious one lah and he said he will be good and all. So I PERCAYA only lah kan. Mana tau in class... fulamak... Boleh pengsan. Thank God for Sin Yee and Sin Lan who helped me translate the story. Storytelling was after the game. SO during singspiration and games, the 4 or 5 kids that were quite rowdy one buat hal la. Only the kid that said he will be good appeared a bit tamer than the week before. They refused to listen, sit down an be quiet. And Ah Lan as usual can show muka garang one ma. And Sin Yee handled the back kids. Ah Lan and I had to deal with the notty ones. And you know la how I talk to kids!

Me : Eh... Be good. Don't fight already ok?
Kid#1 : Ok... (poke the kid beside him)
Kid#2 : DON't POKE ME! (Push kid#1)
Kid#1: (Poke sammo)
Me : Eh, don't fight already. Sit down. Be good ok?
Kids : (Ignore kakak bodoh and continue disturbing others)
Me : T__T

So I attempted a few times la to break their fights and all. Then things got worse cos 3 of them started gather at a corner and fight. Ah lan had to pull one a way and I pulak stood in between the kids. But they REFUSED to listen. At that point, my tolerance meter was reaching the alarming point already. I so cannot tahan their behavior and I snapped. I cornered 3 of them and I looked at them and said...


Let me rephrase... I did not just "say", I was actually shouting but in a lower tone. Darn challenging can??? And it's not very often kids make me shout at them. Got la but wah, until I cornered them, they betul-betul number one lah. Sweat. I quote from Sin Yee yesterday, "Fuh, chen li marah man~!" when we were talking about the kids. But then after that scolding part, they kept quiet for a while and I felt a bit bad la. So I reverted back to my usual self. They still misbehave. But then, aih... Tak apala.. As for the storytelling part, it was pretty good actually. The kids gave some responses. The good one lah. The naughty one gave also la but all tak masuk akal one sometimes. Haha. But kids will always be kids la. I am glad they were listening to me la. Eric (One of the notty one) asked for my Bible so I gave it to him but alamak... He wasn't paying too much attention then. As for Auntie Kiat Tin's class that I took over, it was the same kids that buat hal in class. But I have Ah Lan and Sin Yee with me so it was still ok la. Although quite noisy and rowdy but I guess, we got used to it. I went up to the hall to get the lesson's papers and when I entere only, the youths looked at me and laughed.

Youth#1: Fuh, look at chen li's face.
Youth#2: Hahaha!
Me : Not funny.

=.=! Anyway, can you imagine being in a class with kids that will run out of the class? So I had to chase him and suddenly the bro also said, "I also want to chase!". =.=! And that was the 2nd time I yelled.


Of course I was shouting la this time but not the marah one la. But all in all, although it was pretty hard to keep those boys in control, I am actually glad I was given the chance to do this. I've always known way before I go college that my ministry lies with the children. I got very clear signs from God about it but I delayed it for a year or so. Only when I went KL, I took up BSGC children ministry. Not full time but just helping out. I guess I am not really involved in it yet but I hope to contribute more and step up to my calling. I guess I am too comfortable in my own zone that I am not willing to give myself full time in this ministry. It's time to step out.

Anyway, after the ministry, we youths and several ids like Joel and Ken had a game of Captain Ball. Lawak wei. With MY (Note that AH TIAN!!!) "Shin Chan Superman Action" pose and all which was stolen by my "bro" Adrian Mau a.k.a Ah Tian. =.=! After the game, Yen, Sharma and I had ice pat poh at Pulau Gadong. I almost choked to death. Was I too random there??? I think I was pretty crazy la. But I got so many people telling me that I am random. Am I???

I went home rather worn out. So tired from the lack of sleep, captain ball and the kids thing. Then Shan called and told me we will be going out at around 9.00PM. =.= Ketiak a.k.a Thye Chuan came back from Singapore.

*This post never made it... I just found it in the draft box... =.=*

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