Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tragedi 13 Mei

Date : 13th May 2008
Time : 12.08PM
Listening to : fan spinning
Where : Room- MC (T____T)

Tragedi 13 Mei.... Nah... not gona talk about it. But tragedi 12 Mei!!!! I am back in KL. We took the KTM back to Mentari. When I saw this building... I know this will be the beginning of my horrendous lifestyle. T.T First week already got assignment to pass up. SEDIHHHHHHHHHH~! Anyway, will update bout my holz later~!



cluelessfreak said...

wad to do. dah design student

饿鬼 said...


Chen said...

haha yeala..what to do... Hello MAX!!!