Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Color Palette dress code

Date : 10th June 2008
Time : 12.29AM
Listening to : Soft music from Zheng's room
Where : Room - MC

Really man, I've never said "son of a bitch" in my entire life until today. Though I said it in my head, I know it's still bad and sinful. It was so automatic. Really wonder how I kept it non-verbal. Was so angry today. It's a SLANDER ok?! Whatever you wanna say it, make it nicer to hear, misunderstood la. But it's such slander. Always like that. Insisting things that were not true. The heck is wrong with that person man. I have no idea how I kept a straight face and made it as if everything was fine despite being this upset. Hate it when I feel so angry and having so much to say and yet I can't say it. Ugh!!!!!! Sorry guys, it was such a foul day.

Anyway... Aside from this random marah thing, my classmates and I (the girls) decided to pick a color palette as our color dress code tomorrow. We had a difficult and hilarious time choosing them from colorlovers in comp lab today. Ehehehehe... It was Chris' idea I think..or Tanyus... Couldn't remember. So this was what we chose.

inch worm invasion

This is the only color palette that we all can follow for now. I will be wearing the 1st color. Selvia will take the 2nd. Tan the 3rd, Dee the 4th and Chris will be wearing her fav color Red. Hope it turns out well. We'll see if we can form the sequence in Photography class tomorrow.

On a sadder side of the day, my web design visual was rejected. Weirdly enough, I didn't feel rejected. Was talking to Zheng about it and she said she also noticed that I've been really relaxed about my work and not striving for A's or anything. No panicking or stressing up for nothing. I used to be like that although I always ended up finishing most of my work. I dunnoe la. This term I am not aiming for excellence maybe. Kinda wanna give up on Photography. It's been very draining you noe. And also Video... lao...haven't even come up with storyboard. Just so tiring. Gah... But I've been through worse situation that this. Second term first year was still the worst one Ive ever been through. Don't think anything can beat that. =.=

Love Marketing class today. Vincent was so funny when he told us his experience in Hardrock Cafe. He's one lecturer that kept on smiling. Hehe... After class I had dinner with Danny and man, so much ranting we both had. Cis... Glad to have dinner with him. :) Mom and Dad supposed to stay over but the ended up staying in a friend's place. Too bad cos' I would love to meet them.

K k... Gtg... Ta~!


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