Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazy color palette day... Kungfu Panda?

Date : 12th June 2008
Time : 5.18PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Finally got time to update bout our first color palette day. As mentioned in the previous post, we actually took a color palette from and the girls dressed according to the 5 colors. It was Digital Photography class and we took all these pictures while class was still going on. The bodybuilder one was really hilaru=ious when I showed them the 5 different poses. Hahaha! And Hazmer, unfortunately, dropped in to return our assignments and he was pulled into this as well. We had such a laugh. So lawak. Lucky Wei Meng was fine with it. She was telling Hazmer, "As long as they don't ask you to strip.." Lol... Anyway, the Kungfu Panda one was not intentional. It turned out that way with Hazmer in it. So....

Lol... Super love the Kungfu Panda one. Made the discovery only after we took the photos and I pointed to Hazmer and said.. "Kungfu Panda". Hahahaa... So funny wei....

K k... Those who wants the unedited files can get from me!



KahJoon said...

alamak..sumting wrong ke?

Chen said...

lol..apa yang sumthing wrong?