Sunday, June 08, 2008

A lot of the word stupid... Stupid Gingko Nut!

Date : 8th June 2008
Time : 7.13PM
Listening to : Something that I don't like to hear
Where : Room - MC

So tired, exhausted and totally out of energy. I went to church, having such a hard time keeping awake during the sermon. I dunnoe why in BSGC, I couldn't last long for sermon but in MGC, it was okay. Size of the church? Maybe. Not sure.

Anyway, yesterday, I woke up at 9.30AM and got ready for James' photoshoot. The night before I slept at 5 or 6 I couldn't remember. Was rushing on a game design thing. Woke up feeling like I'm going to kong again. Haha. But James woke up late cos' alarm didn't work. And sammo plus the stupid jam in Sunway cos of the stupid Summer Splash (MALAYSIA GOT SUMMER MEH??? EVERYDAY ALSO SUMMER WAT. BUAT HAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL~!), we only get to reach Sunway Pyramid at around 2PM. SO MANY people it got on all 4 of our nerves. (James, Zheng, Danny and I). I went to check out the location I intended to use, a secluded area at the back of Sunway P. But guess what, these people totally filled up the place. You say irritating or not?? Okla...not their fault at all bu I just want to rant on it cos' I was so scard James will get so irritated and don't wanna do the shoot anymore. And we went 3JC for lunch and the orders took so long to come. Why? Cos of the stupid crowd again. I didn't know there was a stupid summer splash. So in the end we had to shoot at PJS 9 there, where James parked his car. Thank God for driving us away from Sunway cos' PS was a better place to shoot. Love my God sooooooooo much. And I have no idea why I wasn't panicking or menggelabah. I guess somehow, (from last week's experience), I know things will work out.

Anyway, the shoot with James and Danny went well. At first James was supposed to be the victim but ended up switching role with danny, and became the killer instead. Because James kept on smiling ok?!?!?! Aduhai. These 2 main main at first la. ut in then end we all had fun doing the hoot. Love Zheng for helping me out with the reflector and also ideas. Thanx so much Zheng! And to James and Danny also. Seriously, it was fun to work with all of them. Running here and there, dodging glances because of the parang. A police car was sent to even check us out you know. Either that or he passed by. But still, he stopped to look. If not because of the big reflector thing (which made us look more serious), and the camera, he would have brought us back for questioning already. And Danny and I had to lie on the roadside cos' we needed a low angle shots. =.=!

Right after their shoots, Danny, Zheng and I went to Francisca's place to shoot her scene. Wahahaha... So lawak there cos' of the dripping eyemore thing. Zheng la. Suka sangat drip eyemore tu. Hahahaha. But Francisca a.k.a Cheesie was really nice to help me out again and again. But too bad it was drizzling so the lighting was crap and I didn't bring the visual light cos it was so heavy. Pointless to even borrow the light. =.=! Anyway, we had fun also la. 3 of us girls were laughing at the dripping thing while Danny chatted with Valerie and Audrey. Then Yuki came back. After that, Denny and Julianto came back also. So glad the shoot finished at around 6PM. So tiring.

Then we decided to get KungFu Panda's tickets la. Wanted to watch the 7.40PM show. But it was full so we took the 9.50PM one. 9 of us went. Zaf, Zheng, Danny, Richard, Abdullah, Monde, Sathom, Mahmud and I. Got around 3 hours to spare so we went for dinner. SP still so packed. Grrrrrrrrrr.... So went to the Thai restaurant near school. Hahaha... it was so funny the conversation I had with Zaf at the cinema.

Zaf : Since don't want to eat around this area, we eat at the square area lah. (I heard this)
Me : *Look at him with the lame look* So lame lah you.
Zaf : *Serious look* No, seriously.
Me : *Repeated what he said*
Zaf : *Tahan ketawa* You using the old jokes against me la now?
Me : *Shocked* No, I heard you said that.
Zaf : I said school area, not square area. *Laughs*

We actually couldn't decide where to eat when we came down from the cinema lobby. So we somehow stood in a circle and someone suggested to just play the "lat ta li lat" thing. Hahaha. Then Sathom said, let's eat donuts. And the conversation went like this.

Sathom : Let's eat donuts.
Me : Yeh! Good! Dunkin Donuts!
Sathom : JCO!
Me : Wth? Dunkin Donuts.
Sathom : JCO!
Me : You stupid gingko nut.
Richard : I will still be hungry if I eat donuts.
Me + Sathom : ................

Terus terdiam after what my brother said. Hahahaha. Anyway, yeah, we ended up in the Thai place la. The food there nice and affordable. By the end of the meal, I started to feel the effect of my low sugarness cos' I felt really moodless. I began to realize my sugar level affect my mood only this term. I took a Mat Kool ice cream during class break it was a mistake cos I started to talk like..I dunnoe wat. Haha. So in the restaurant, I felt a bit moody edi, so I walked out t get some chocolates. I took only one small bar. Then passed the rest around the table. It was a bit too sweet. then my bro asked me take another bar. I told him I sugar high d and he looked at me with that dumbfounded look.

Richard : Har? You took one small bar only sugar high???
Me : Err... Yeala...I dowan take to much, later I laughed alot one.
Richard : Then that day I let you have half the bar of kitkat white chocolate then how?
Me : I did laughed in the room like crap wat.
Richard : !?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Me : What?
Richard : Nevermind, take more, later have to watch Kungfu Panda. You need it.

Hahaha... Okla... I will feel very happy and all but not siao. Anyway, I took the other bar and yes, I did go a bit haywire cos' Sathom asked me to wipe that silly grin on my face. And Zheng was asking me if I was okay cos' I was having that stupid grin pasted on my face all the time. Anyway, after that, we hung out at the bowling alley watching ppl bowl. Some random conversationss were:

Sathom : There's a Maldivian here.
Me : Okay, don't tell me. Let me guess.
Sathom : Okay.
Richard : *Came over* I found the old dinosaur character muka-muka.
Me : Har? Where?
Richard : There.
Me : Okay, wait I go over. *Richard left*
Me : That one's the Maldivian. *Point finger*
Sathom : Bingo! *High five*
*Sat for a while but cannot tahan ran over to see muka-muka*

=.=! So random man. The muka muka thing was so funny. I remembered watching that cartoon with my siblings and we loved that character. I remembered having a pair of shorts with that character printed on it.

Okay, for the movie right, Kungfu Panda, I sat in between Monde and Danny. Monde was laughing most of the time and Danny was stoning most of the time. Foer me, I was trying to laugh most of the time. Strictly just my own opinion for what I am going to write after this. The movie was not that funny. I couldn't laugh. Maybe I was tired like crap or maybe it's just not my cup of humor tea. I really believe it's the latter. I was tired like dunnoe what la but usually I still can laugh. Dunnoe la. And there was this annoying guy siting behind us trying to spoil the movie by forcing a very fake laughter. So irritating. But anyway, I was shocked till I almost jumped out of the chair at one part. Don't ask me how. I don't know. And I don't like the Tigress character design. She looked super weird. I just think it's so NOT worth my 11 bucks. If you ask me pay for another round of Infernal Affairs Trilogy or maybe The Orphanage, I would have done so. But Kungfu Panda, it doesn't even leave any impact at all until someone mentioned the scenes and all. I know I really laughed at one part but I couldn't remember where. It's just me. I have no intention to spoil this movie. I am sure many will enjoy it cos I think in the whole cinema which was filled to the 2nd front seats, I was probably the only one aside from Danny who didn't know where to laugh. For the rest, they were laughing their heads off. So, I am very sure many will enjoy it. I was just too tired to even laugh. Probably. My bro's theory was that I was biased against Jack Black's movie. He said I don't laugh at his movies. So not ok? I dunnoe la. It's just me.

Sent Sathom home after that. looks nice from the outside. I didn't even know it was like so darn far from school ok? Yesterday he was complaining that I bising-ed him for shifting. Then Zheng said it's because I don't want him to leave. Probably so. It's a bit hard to hang out after that cos' he'll be so far away. Want to rant also cannot. It's a bit weird la cos' like usually if want to go out for supper or dinner, usually will ask him. Sometimes I just miss hanging out la. That's why asked if wanna go for a movie outing with the rest. Even so I was thinking prob he wouldn't make it cos' he's staying so far away. But turned out the movie wasn't even half as entertaining as I thought it would be.

But yesterday, really cannot tahan the crowds. Even after the movie there was still that crowd. WOI... balik rumah d la. Alamak aiiii.... Sammo the COCO BANANA jammed packed. I think it's clubbing hours la. Sien man. I was really tired, and I could feel my contact lenses slipping out of place. Reached home only I transfered the pics out of the camera. It looked so good from the cam lcd. But when I see in the monitor... Guess what. James and Danny smiling and grinning~! There's even one with Zheng's head sticking out. So funny la wei! Hahahaha.... Aduhai... There was a few good shots with the body language but their expressions totally buat lawak. Haha... But it's okla. There were a couple others that I think will really work. I have good models. Eheheheeh.... And a good housemate helping me out. EHEHHEEH...

Kla...gtg do my web design and photography. Ta~!


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