Saturday, June 07, 2008

One and a half vision eyesight

Date : 7th June 2008
Time : 12.33PM
Listening to : Theme song from JiangHu
Where : Room - MC

Having One and a half vision on my left eye. One and a half cos it's not exactly double vision yet. And I am darn tired la wei... Dunnoe wanna say lucky or unlucky that I don't get panda eyes if I don't sleep. o.0 Adoih... Sammo later got to shoot my models for final project. I guess I might just end up shooting Francisca tomorrow la, after church or something.

*Stupid blur vision is getting on my nerves. CRAP.*

Sien. Dunnoe what to blog about. No time to edit and upload Teluk Intan's photos. I really wanna sleep but cannot~!!! Waiting for James to come and pick me up. T_T James, datang ler cepat. Oh, talking about James reminded me of his 11 year old brother, John. Last Saturday, Zheng, Zafri, Danny, my bro and I went over to James' place for bbq. And man, is bro was so funny. He talked so much and I tell you I was laughing my head off cos at first he seemed so annoying you know but after that right, when I really sit down and listen to his made-up stories, I found that he's really interesting. And he bullied Danny and my bro. So lawak. He doesn't allow guys to sit on his bed or touch his drawings. He's really imaginative and I actually enjoyed his company in a way or two. *Freakin serious about this vision thing. Wonder if I will go blind. DANG* And the episode where he whacked James was so hilarious and also the scene where he actually grabbed the drawings from my bro also. I was laughing my guts out. But by the time we went home, I was totally exhausted.

You see ar, on Friday I went for a day trip to Malacca for video class thing. And then reached home at around midnight. Then the next day I had photoshoot session with Danny and Francisca. And straight after that, we went to the bbq. I was totally out of energy. I have no idea where I found my energy and patience to layan John.

Anyway, James masih belum sampai. T_T Mariler cepat James~! Kla... gtg.Cya~!



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