Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pre-break updates

Date : 29th July 2008
Time : 4.09PM
Listening to : I Can't Tell You Why - Eagles (Timothy B. Schmit)
Where : Room - MC

Just came back from Teluk Intan. Driving in that small town ah... It's like playing buzzer cum shmup game lae. So many motorcyclists. And have to elak like crazy. Sweat. Well, anyway, ate like super alot during my 2 days stay there.

I haven't been updating I know. So this could be quite long.

We had our Web Design 2 final presentation 2 weeks ago. I've never felt that nervous before when it comes to presentation. But I think I am pretty good at switching roles/emotions/expressions or whatever you wanna call it that in the end I managed to present quite confidently. Sometimes I think I was born a good actress la. Hahaha. We had a guest from the industry and also senior lecturer (Wai Kong) sitting in for the presentation. Sweat kao. After the presentation, Tanyus, Wahyu and I helped Judy and also Chin Wen with their AS3 scripting. Stress like gila. And then Tanyus left for homw and Wahyu left for the interview. Left me and Chris. In the end we had to call hazmer cos I really couldn't figure out what was wrong with the script. Manatau it was the images. T_T. Then afte helping them out, Chris, Wahyu and I sat at the staircase there and we chatted bout game and all la. We were actually waiting for our Web Design lecturers to ho habis kerja cos our class was going to have dinner with them.

The dinner rite...hahaha... they (Jo, Chong, Eugene and Wai Khong) brought us to this medan selera place... And it was... scary. The way the vendors tried to tarik pelanggan and all. And Wai Khong was laughing and he asked me, "Culture shock lae??"... I think they tengah membalas dendam cos our class were so noisy. So they brought us there to experience what was it like to be bombarded with so many questions and noises at the same time. Really very confusing ok??? Lol..But anyway... we really had a lot of fun dining with them la. And I think we chaned topic to fast and too randomly that they couldn't really catch up. Jo said our energy level are different from theirs. Lol...

Then on Saturday, 6 of us, (Wahyu, Chris, Tan, Sel, Dee and I) met in Italiannes. We planned to celebrate Wahyu's and Dee's birthdays earlier cos Wahyu was going back to Indon edi. Intended to watch hellboy also actually but TGV screwed up the time and so things got messed up. Tan was quite upset la cos she bought the tickets already. So I had to help her sell off the tickets 20 minutes before the movie starts. It made me realize... I am pretty good at selling tickets. o.0 But it was a great day nevertheless. Taking pictures was quite a task also. Lol. Then we went back to Video Lab (Our "home") and discussed about our websites designerds.de... It was fun discussing until we came to a roadblock... Art direction. We have very differents styles and to combine them together would be a terribly challenging task. So we drew lots and Dee gets to design our very first layout. Weeee~!

[The happiest picture ever]

After the discussion, I left for Sunway Pyramid cos Sathom was going to belanja Zaf, Zheng, my bro and I. Belanja movie tickets.... Batman. And I was supposed to belanja them dinner. Well, it was a good movie but I think Joker totally stole the whole show NOT because Heath Ledger was in it. It'a a fact. And don't be mistaken that the whole show was popular just because he died and it became a tribute. He was just plain good in his role. And I wished they put in more actions.

Video class was pushed forward to Monday and it was ok. After the class, Tan, Sel, Chris and I went to watch Hellboy. Ok.. I know many might just tembak me kao for this review but I'm going ahead with it anyway. Yes, the CG was good. The characters design were fantastic. But the storyline was crap. I am the sort of person who goes to a movie to find out bout the storyline. Effects, costume and all comes second. So if the storyline is weak, it doesn't appeal to me at all. But really, if you like good effects, CG and all, Hellboy is recommended. I enjoyed the graphics part but I got annoyed when I think of the storyline. It's pretty weak la har. Del Toro is good. Pan's Labyrinth was fantastic. End of review.

Then I spent the rest of the week doing Hazmer's work. Then went for the Multimedia Starlites 2008 event in TOA on Wednesday. It was good. At the end of the session, we took photos with our lecturers. And Kenny was so funny la. We disturbed him bout the blog entry and all. It was so entertaining just to disturb him. And Tan, Sel and I had such a laugh talking with Chong. Then the conversation with Hazmer, May Yin and Jo was... I tell you...super hilarious. In Japanese. I understood nuts bout it. o.0 Then Jo had to halau our class out cos we were plain too noisy d and the gallery going to tutup d. After that I discussed with hazmer about the meeting after his class. Supposed to meet at Old Town with Sel and Tan for dinner. So while waiting for him, Sel, Tan and I watched Red Cliff. Fantastic show. Seriously, go watch it. After the movie, we met Hazmer for dinner. He told us about his new game and then talked about Casually Killed and yeah... kematian ku. Nola...Just kidding.

Then I spent Thurs and Fri doing GY's wedding card. Danny teman-ed me go William's place to print. then he balik. I stayed back to help Michelle and William out with their wedding cards work. I was actually waiting for Geng Yi's reply on whether he could meet up for the card thing. He couldn't make it. So I chatted with William and Michelle la and blablabla. Then they sent me home.

Saturday I met up with Hooi Siang. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa~! So long d since I last met up with him. 2 years plus. Put on weight d. We had quite a time catching up on our friends' news and all. Then we watched Hancock. Many people told me it sucks. I actually like it... like quite a lot. Quite funny. Although I must say the front pat wasn't impressive cos the way he flew was just way too fake, but I would say it was quite an entertaining movie.

Then I came back home at around 4PM and started on work again. Slept at around 4 AM but hsemate was pretty noisy dunnoe why. The next day my bro followed me to church. Then I came back and had lunch with Zheng. Then my parents came and fetched my bro and I to Teluk Intan. Fuh...

Teluk Intan was great. The food very the nice and my family very entertaining and I super love them. Ok... Banyaknyer benda I updated in just one post. K...penat... I wanna go do my work liao. Oh wait... I just found out that day that my cousin got admitted to the hospital. He had Dengue fever. I hate it man. Andrew had it once and I know how terrible it was la. Too bad I wasn't back in Malacca. Hope he recovers soon.

K... that's all! ta!

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