Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feel so unproductive!!!

Date : 31st July 2008
Time : 2.35PM
Listening to : Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)
Where : Room - MC

Holidays almost 2 weeks already and you now what? SO UNPRODUCTIVE laaaaaaaaaaaaa~! I feel so wasted and like nothing to do. It's either I work on Casually killed or watch drama. Like so many free time at hand and I dunnoe how to handle lae. But I actually have a lot of things to do. o.0 Stupid drama is such an addiction. Stoopid dinosaur. Hng! Oh btw... It's Amir's birthday today. Will celebrate with him later.

Then I did some paper craft. Not the banyak-banyak cutting one la. Just something I will put in my upcoming website. Hope to get it done asap. Introducing one of the characters, Blue Guni.

Coming back this weekend if my mom comes KL. See ya peepz then!


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