Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Of all people...why Chen?"

Date : 2nd August 2008
Time : 1.14PM
Listening to : I can't unlove you - Kenny Rogers
Where : Room - MC

Sigh~! August already. Time passes so fast. 2 days ago, Zheng, Zaf, my bro and I celebrated Amir's birthday in Mr. Teppanyaki. Danny and Helmi joined us there later. We had a great time there and there were many silly jokes. From Danny's name to my bro eating a mammal salmon that caused furballs. Since we had our holidays, all of us haven't been hanging out, especially Amir. For this entire term, we didn't even meet up with him at all. Really glad we celebrated his birthday.

After dinner, my bro went off with Helmi and Danny. The rest of us went to McDonald to get our sundaes. Amir and I were super high on sugar la I think. So noisy and laughed so much. Even after we reached home we couldn't stop. Like drunkards. While Zheng and Zafri were cleaning up the hamster's cage, Amir and I were crapping like dunnoe what. =.=! Then suddenly he said he misses Sathom. So I texted him la. And Aiyoo... Amir suddenly said weird weird stuff to him. Lol... In the end I gave Amir's new number to Sathom and I dunnoe what happened after that la. So gila that Amir. Pengsan.

After cleaning up the cage and all, all of us went to Asia Jaya station. Zheng left the hamster in Jonathan's care for the holidays. Amir and I attempted to steal Zaf's car and drive off. Lol... After we reached Mentari, we went to 7-11. Amir and I had a long long talk. A couple of hours. A lot a lot of things. There were so many things made clear. Of course I am glad. Still, when was told I felt guilt but it's over so... yeah... it's ok.

I haven't been talking to Amir this way for like the longest time. Really thank God at the end of the day, we still were able to talk. When I reached home, I had a talk with Zheng about the random stuff. :) She was packing. Flight was at 3PM. Chatted till 6AM. It's funny how every time the term ends, we'll have a kind of closure that wraps everything up. From everything that I've gathered that night, everything has a reason. And after almost 2 years, building up so many defenses, Amir said something... "Man... Chen... You're weird" Haha.. Yeah, I get that a lot. Then there was the talk with Zheng. A friend once told her that no matter what happened, whether I was super upset or happy, the cause would always be the same. It was frustrating for them sometimes. Now I know how annoying my ego could be. But you know what? Your ego is as bad as mine. Sometimes I really don't know what's in your mind. >:| And to think I am good at reading people's mind. Bah... Total failure. Cheh. Nevermind, doesn't matter anymore. So many things surfaced during the talk and I knew the time all of us spent together was never a waste. :)

"Of all people... why Chen?" That's what you asked. I tell you why Chen.

No reason.


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