Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Consequences of Excessive Wakefulness

Date : 3rd August 2008
Time : 1.10PM
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Woots~! Going back in a couple of hours time. Muahahahahaha! KL is boring to da max. I cannot even concentrate on my work. Yesterday I watched Indiana Jones...not the new one..the crusade one on his computer. We didn't concentrate much also. Practically talking nonsense all the way. =.= Too bad he's taking a term break from TOA. Cannot graduate together d. Bah... Takper lah!

Anyway... I read a very interesting article today. This one should be read by TOA students and also lecturers and especially admin people. Lack of sleep can lead to death wokie? Nah... Read here... It has many other interesting articles. Here's a short clipping from the article. Maybe will prompt you guys to read them.

It turns out that if one actively prevents sleep for a prolonged period of time, which some people have tried, severe side effects pile on rapidly. All symptoms increase in severity as new ones appear:

  • After missing one night of sleep, expect fatigue, reduced attention span and problems with short-term memory.
  • After missing 2 to 3 nights, one will also suffer poor coordination, muscle twitches, marked loss of concentration, impaired judgment, blurred vision, nausea, and slurring of speech. Often one will experience episodes of microsleep (briefly sleeping for a few seconds at a time, without being aware of it).
  • At about 4 to 5 days without sleep, expect extreme irritability, hallucinations, and delusional episodes.
  • After about 6 to 8 missed nights, add slowed speech, tremors in limb extremities, memory lapse, confusion concerning one's own identity, unusual behavior, and paranoia to the list.
  • After 9 to 11 nights without sleep, fragmented thinking occurs (beginning sentences without completing them), and prolonged episodes of unresponsive "conscious stupor."

And if we continue to not sleep, it might lead to death. But fear not... sebab the most days we don't sleep also proably amount to 3 days only. But still, check out the rest of the article. Zheng introduced me to this site. I think by far the most interesting one I've read was decapitated heads could still sense the surrounding and experience their fate for 20-30 seconds before they really die. This is the article : Lucid Decapitation. Check out the rest of the articles wokie?

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