Friday, August 08, 2008

Rough Girl, Nerd and Avril's Fan

Date : 8th August 2008
Time : 11.18PM
Listening to : My computer humming
Where : Room - Malacca

Yeap. Still very unproductive. Very very unproductive. And like what Dee mentioned, Creativity Deprived. I dunnoe la... is it just me or what but holidays make me feel a bit unproductive. Sammo this time around I am not helping out at the office. Odd enough, mom didn't ask. And I don't dare to make the commitment to work in within these 2 weeks cos the game isn't done yet. The animation really...memudaratkan kesihatan otak aku. Lol. Just kidding.

Anyway, 2 nights ago, I met up with Andrew and his girlfriend, Phoebe and also Kim Kiat. Well, it was good. As usual, that Andrew bising-ed pasal me always being busy and all la. x_x! Not my fault eh... And anyway, I didn't know Phoebe was in form 6. I really couldn't remember but of course, different stream la. So yeah, it's not odd if we've never cross each other's way. Not much of a highlight to talk about. Just some surprising old news. :) I guess sometimes I should give more credit to my own intuition. Cos most of the time I am always right but I just simply brush it away with a word, "Impossible". Nope, it's not. Cos history proved me right again. But, I am sure I did the right thing except for one. Still, what the heck.

Aaaaah...sien ah... Lucky my sis coming back for the weekend and we are going to take her grad picture. Hoho~! And we siblings are so going to hang out tomorrow. It was so long ago since we hung out... Wait...have we really? I dunnoe. Lol. Aah..whatever... We're so watching Batman again. No.. Me and Wen again. But Pin and May not yet. Woots! It's going to be great.

I went Prayer Meeting that day. And when I asked about the skit, I got pretty confused. Yen told me last week I was going to take up the role of Rough Girl. Then when I checked her blog that day, she mentioned that my role switched to a Nerd. Ok, not that I don't like it. I think I will enjoy it. Lepas tu, when I went prayer meeting, Jess said I am supposed to be her friend. Sin Yee said I was supposed to be nerd. Alamak.. Apa ni. In the end I asked the Director, melissa. She said I was supposed to be Jess' friend. And I am a fan of Avirl Lavigne. This is preposterous! I don't like Avril maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn. And you know what is worse? I am 15 year old and I have to wear school pinafore. Lol. Mangkuk man. Laughed until wanna die. But I think this will be mute acting. Aih... glad to be able to contribute something. Oh, and will be putting the children sports day in my calendar too. It will be so fun.

Oh.. I chatted with that nubcake Stephen this afternoon. he said I have Bestiality problem? I don't care about the real definition. To me...

BESTIALITY = Aku orang yang paling best di dunia~!

K, my sis gonna arrive with Agnes soon. Gtg. Ta! Oh... And Happy Sukan Olimpik!


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