Sunday, August 10, 2008

The question is, why do we buy it?

Date : 10th August 2008
Time : 11.53PM
Listening to : I Hate Myself For Loving You - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
Where : Room - Malacca

So yesterday was a superb day even though we didn't make it for the movie. Pictures still stuck in da camera, so i have to put the post on hold.

Before I bising, I would like to say,


I really cannot resist putting this picture. XD

Today I had my first practice for the skit. I was actually assigned to be Jess' friend, Avril's fan. But after I failed miserably to be a rocker (I was like crap), I was assigned the role of a nerd which I think i played much better. And I had to fill in 2 other roles for that day cos the members weren't around. It was pretty funny though, for the avril's fan role. Haha...

Hung out with Yen just now. Went McD. And she asked me to jaga a table and lo and behold... a social worker approached me and started to talk to me about donation for the epilepsy children. Okay, before anyone starts to bising me for not knowing how to evade, I would like to explain what I feel. I am always...just somehow, always the target that ppl approach. Is it my face or there's a sign written on my face that read, "Come, talk to me... I will listen". =.= I dunnoe why. As usual, I will give in if it's within my means. I think God blessed me with sympathizing heart. I really believe so. Today, I listened to that guy and he told me RM35 or RM50 for either the small or big pampers. I said I don't have enough cash and he said I could donate for half a package of the pampers. I will not disclose how much. Look, I am not dumb ok. I have a friend that told me once, and a very close KL friend too, and she said, "Why you so stupid one? Know people want to bluff you already you still want to stand there and listen and then give money". It is very very insulting to say that to me. You know why? Because you will never know if they really need it. Besides, God will provide. What God provided me with, and if I really feel the compulsion to give, I will. Because God will provide more. In my entire life, I may not have extra to spare, and my family may have a rough time, but God ALWAYS made sure we have enough. So if I hold back, I am holding back God's blessing. Do not judge me by saying I am wasting my parents' money. That's my pocket money and I did eat less after that. So do not call me stupid. I really feel that God made me go to that McD, made me sit there, at that time, at that place just so that He could bless the children through me. And it feels good that God used me.

So yeah... I watched The Mirror Has Two Faces. I was very fascinated by Rose' lecture. Here's the original transcript.

This is the scene at my sister's wedding.
She's getting drunk, regretting that she got married for the third time.
My mom's sprouting snakes from her hair in jealousy. lt was perfect ...
We've got three feminine archetypes: The divine whore, Medusa;
and me. What archetype am l?

Student: The Virgin Mary?

Thanks a lot, Trevor.
No, the faithful handmaiden. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
lt proves what Jung said all along.
Myths and archetypes are alive and well and living in my apartment.
As l stood beside the altar beside my sister and her husband to be,
it struck me that this ritual, a wedding ceremony,
is the last scene of a fairy tale. They never say what happens after.
That Cinderella drove the prince mad by obsessively cleaning the castle.
They don't say what happens after because there is no after.
The be-all and end-all of romantic love was ... Mike?

Student : Sex?

You have sex on the brain. Marriage. But it wasn't always like that.
The th century had ''courtly love'', which had nothing to do with sex.
The relationship between a knight and a married lady of the court ...
And so they could never consummate their love.
They rose above ''going to the toilet in front of each other'' love,
and went after something more divine.
They took sex out of the equation, leaving them with a union of souls.

Think of this. Sex was always the fatal love potion.
Look at the literature of the time.
All consummation could lead to was madness, despair or death.
Experts, scholars and my Aunt Esther are united in one belief:

True love has spiritual dimensions, while romantic love is a lie.
A myth. A soulless manipulation. And speaking of manipulation ...

lt's like going to the movies and seeing the lovers kiss ...
The music swells, and we buy it, right?
So when my date kisses me, and l don't hear strings, l dump him.

The question is, why do we buy it?
Because, myth or manipulation, we all want to fall in love.

That experience makes us feel completely alive.
Our everyday reality is shattered, and we are flung into the heavens.
lt may only last a moment, an hour, but that doesn't diminish its value.
We're left with memories we treasure for the rest of our lives.
l read, ''When we fall in love, we hear Puccini in our heads.''
l love that. His music expresses our need for passion and romantic love.
We listen to La Boheme or Turandot, or read Wuthering Heights,
or watch Casablanca, and a little of that love lives in us too.

So the final question is: Why do people want to fall in love when it can have such a short run and be so painful?

Student: Propagation of the species?
Student2: We need to connect with somebody.
Student3: Are we culturally preconditioned?

Good, but too intellectual for me.
l think it's because, as some of you may already know ...
While it does last, it feels fucking great.

Ok.. Ignore the 4 letter word. As mentioned, it was the original transcript. Anyway, when I heard her lecture on this, (oh, btw, this was the 2nd time I watched after a few years), I was really listening to her. And you know what? It was good. Cos you know why? It's funny. Humans just love to get hurt. And fantasy is running rampantly in our mind. How dangerous. But like what Terry Pratchett said,

“Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can. Of course, I could be wrong.”

Here, watch the scene clip.

And live music in Rally's Club was good, especially with parents. Yen suggested that we should go together one day. Till then, ta!

Mahjong date tomorrow with Yi Kwan and Kim Kiat. Kurang satu kaki pasal ada date. T_T Perrr.... Nanti jumpa krang, aku sepak kao. Hehhe...

Oh..tiba-tiba aku nak main Utopia from I remember those days when Kah Joon said girls don't know how to play and woots... I claimed back my Knight status in less than 3 days despite him telling me I won't get it back. WOOO! I rock!! So not.


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