Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Yen!

Date : 21st August 2008
Time : 1.37AM
Listening to : The Greatest View - Silverchair
Where : TV Room - Malacca

First of all...


Hope you'll have a wonderful year ahead.

Okay.. Came back from Prayer Meeting just now. Had supper with the church mates. Jessica was super upset cos' Avril Lvigne's concert was cancelled. Well... can't do much about it. Chatted with Daniel about his uni in Sabah and then with Melissa and Livia about primary school days.Ah Hwei was back too. :) Ah Shaun macam biasa... SS semacam.

Oh, anyway, Danny called from Indonesia. He always call when he goes back Indonesia. Guess what?? He had his braces on! *Tahan ketawa* Now can onli eat porridge. Poor thing...
I don't know which emoticon I should use...

Anyway... was backing up some files from the laptop. Man. this laptop really not bad cos can tahan so long. Almost 4 years already I think. Now I found out what was REALLY wrong with the laptop. I always thought it was the battery's problem. Now I know it was alway the cable's problem. I borrowed my mom's Acer's cable and it did not die on me at all.

Ok, anyway... Like I mentioned earlier... I was backing up my files and I took the time to browse back the pictures in college. Man... How time flies. I watched a video of Rin, Zheng, Bryan and I in Starbucks doing our HAD project. Goodness... SO lawak. And then I browsed thru 2nd term one. Look what I've found.

Chen's robotic walk drawn by that dongoi James. 2nd term was horrible. Not only assignments were killing me, all those bullying contributed to my insanity. Terrible. Horrible. Vegetable.

And I think I owe my current class the T-Shirts pictures. Or did I not? Did I owe Yenny the pictures too? Man, I really cannot remember. But anyway... These are the pictures guys. Grab it if you want.







I have to push dee down to show off my shirt. HAHAHAH!

Woots~! With our lecturer, Yenny and tutor, Sook Kean.

So yeah, I've completed most of Hazmer's work. Waiting for the next order. Taking a break now. Addicted to Utopia. I dunnoe why la I suddenly play this game. Bukannyer tahu main dengan pro. But I do know how to play la. But it's boring when the strong bullies the weak (That's me). =.=!

See... It's not that bad. I uploaded photos. And I hate uploading photos cos' you'll never know how long that'll take. But Streamyx has been really nice. *Pat modem*

Anyway, going off now. Darn tired. Ta!


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