Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chong Wei kalah... Aku menangis... But it's ok!

Date : 19th August 2008
Time : 1.53PM
Listening to : Sing - Travis
Where : Room - MC

I wanted to blog right after Olympic Badminton Final. Chong Wei vs. Lin Dan. BUT I WAS WAY TOO DISAPPOINTED TO EVEN DO ANYTHING AFTER THE MATCH~! Okay okay... I know it's such a stupid thing to blame on for not doing my work. But seriously man, I was so distraught sial. I mean... aiyo... I dunnoe why Chong Wei macam no mood to play like that. Stress kot. Wished he had portrayed more zeal. Even if he wouldn't have gotten the gold, we would have enjoyed watching him play. It ended in a mere 29 minutes. This is so not him. T____T Cannot tahan I cried straight after Lin Dan gave a shout of victory. Cannot stop sial~!!! So sedih. And a bit angry but now thinking back, Chong Wei did a great job delivering us our first medal. And he is the first person that made it to Olympic final. :) He did great lah actually. Only somehow the final game reminded me of Hafiz in Thomas Cup. Buat marah only. <--Quoted from Juliana. Luckily I wasn't with my church members when they watched the match for final. I watched with my parents and 2 of their friends. I got a bit pissy watching with my dad though. I don't really like it when he kept on saying, "Lose already la. He is not good enough...blablablah" Yeala... I know Lin Dan is better la ok. But don't la discourage me wei!! So bodoh rite me? Pasal such things can get irritated. =.= But really ma. Last time Thomas cup also like that. Watch until angry. Mak Jaaaaaaaaang... And guess what's weirder? When I watched the mixed double batch (Bronze) between China and Indonesia, I supported indon kao kao... I dunnoe why lah. I just don't like the Chinese pair. I prefer Limpele/Marissa pair from Indonesia. It's all Tanyus and Selvia's fault. Injected the Indonesian patriotic fever in me. Lol. Yang paling cannot tahan one was Zafri lah... Misbun Sidek pun tak tau??? Dari era apa ini??

Anyway, I helped out for the children ministry last Saturday. I didn't got for the Avril Wannabes thingy. Storytelling was... hmm... can kua. I think I could have done better if I prepared myself more. And then after that I practiced for the JUICE skit. Lawak man... Together with Andy we became nerds. Buttoned up high up to the neck and all. Wahahaha... Funny. Then played with the kids a while. Buat penat jer. By the time I went home, I was like half dead already. But Shannon came and pick me at around 8.30PM. We went Jonker Street then jalan all the way to Bunga Raya. We were actually waiting for Andrew and Phoebe. So we went to Calanthe and waited again. Then cannot tahan we called Melissa and Ngan to hang out. Mel came first and we chatted la. Then Andrew and Phoebe sampai. Then Ngan and Alex joined us. We chatted a lot about random things la. It was such a hilarious night la. Thye Chuan called from Singapore cos I called him and he didn't pick. Shan and I disturbed him pasal his date and all la. So lawak. We left Jonker at around 11.30++ like that. Mel wanted to eat so we went to Limbongan Burger. There we talked about our primary school days. And from there rahsia Andrew and Shan terbongkar. That 2 kena "timbang". Haha... It was so so so funny ok? Aduhai...

Sunday also quite crazy la. Buat penat only ketawa. Daniel came back from Sabah. Buat hal la...he said Chong Wei will lose... Too bad he was right. Dang~! K la...neway..will be off for now... Ta!


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