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The burden of Perfection

Date : 15th August 2008
Time : 9.09PM
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Where : Room - Malacca

"Consider God's handwork : Who can straighten what he hath made crooked."

Quoted from the beginning of Gattaca's opening credit. This was my second time watching this movie, starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and Jude Law. Funny how Jude Law's name wasn't mentioned in the closing credit. Maybe I missed it. And even weirder, it wasn't mentioned in one of the movie review. I wonder why. Anyway, it is a good movie. It's another kind of discrimination; no longer based on skin colors, religion or status. It's based on 2 kind of people.

God's child - a person conceived in a natural way
Genetically perfect - a person conceived through genetic engineering.

The setting in this movie was based on a world where genetic engineered humans outnumbered the naturally conceived ones. Those who are wealthy can choose the genetic makeup of their children . The child conceived will have all their genes designed according to what the parents want them to be; talents, hair colour, abilities, lifeline, everything. Almost perfect. But out of all these "perfect " people, there was this guy conceived the natural way and he wants to go up to space. Yada yada yada...and resume identity of a "perfect" man with his genes and all (this is really cool the way they exchanged genes). The "perfect" man was a crippled. By accident. Not the genetic engineering part. Anyway... malas wanna do a review here but it's good.

Irene... Irene!

Don't touch me!

Listen to me...

I don't even know who you are...

I am the same person I was yesterday.

I can't hearing anymore of your lies, Jerome.

My name is Vincent. Vincent Anton Freeman. I am faith birth (yada yada Cannot get this part).. or whatever you want to call it but I am not a murderer.

You're a God child?

But we do have one thing in common. (Put her hand on his chest). Only I don't have 20 or 30 years in mine. Mine is already 10,000 beat overdue.

It's impossible.

You are the authority of what is not possible, aren't you Irene? (can't catch the line) You've been working so hard for any flaw that after a while that's all that you see.
For whatever it's worth, I am here to tell you that it is possible.
It is possible.

I like this part cos...hmmm... the God child part? Cos in this movie, the elites and privileged are those who were conceived "unnaturally"... So God child is like... tak perfect la. But "Jerome" shown her that it is possible to be imperfect and still able to achieve your dreams. Irene is the genetically engineered human but with a heart defect. Same like "Jerome" la. Ok.. Anyway.. even if I describe a million times also I don't think I can explain the story. And by the way, don't attempt to watch this movie half half . As in, you have to watch the beginning to know what's going on.

It's always fun to read the original script. Skip this part if you don't like reading. Anyway, it's slightly different from the movie.

JEROME and ANTON walk down a dune together towards the beach not
far from Gattaca - an ocean beach pounded by an angry, black
sea. Jerome picks up a sharp piece of shell and slices the end
of his thumb. A drop of blood oozes out. He offers the shell
to Anton but Anton does not take it.

Both men begin to disrobe. The brothers stand beside each other
on the sand once again - Anton still the more athletically-built
of the two.

Together, they enter the raging surf. Diving through the
breaking waves, they begin to swim.

In the moonlit night, we watch their two bodies swimming side by
side. They swim a long distance, Anton waiting for his brother
to tire. But the pace does not slacken. Anton pulls up in the
water. Sensing his brother is no longer beside him, Jerome also
pulls up. They tread water several yards apart.

(attempting to conceal his distress)
How are you doing this, Vincent? How
have you done any of this?

Now is your chance to find out.

Jerome swims away a second time. Anton is forced to follow
once again. Angry now, gritting his teeth, Anton calls
upon the same determination we have witnessed during his
constant swimming in the pool. He puts on a spurt, slowly
reeling in Jerome.

Anton gradually draws alongside Jerome, certain that this effort
will demoralize his older brother. But Jerome has been foxing -
waiting for him to catch up. Jerome smiles at Anton. With
almost a trace of sympathy, he forges ahead again. Anton is
forced to go with him. They swim again for a long distance.

It is Anton who gradually becomes demoralized - his strokes
weaken, his will draining away. Anton pulls up, exhausted and
fearful. Jerome also pulls up. However his face displays none
of Anton's anxiety.

They tread water several yards apart. The ocean is choppier
now. The view of the lights on the shore is obscured by the
peaks of the waves.

(panic starting to show)
Vincent, where's the shore? We're too far out.
We have to go back!

(calling back)
Too late for that. We're closer to the other side.

Anton looks towards the empty horizon.

What other side? How far do you want to go?!
Do you want to drown us both?
(becoming hysterical)
How are we going to get back?!

Jerome merely smiles back at his younger brother, a disturbingly
serene smile.

(eerily calm)
You wanted to know how I did it. That's
how I did it, Anton. I never saved anything
for the swim back.

Anton stares at Jerome, aghast. The two men face each other in
silence, treading water several yards apart in the dark, rolling

Jerome turns and heads back towards the shore. Anton is left
alone with the terrifying realization. The only sound, the wind
and the water.

This is the video. :) Aaah.. I just like this movie a lot ok? Lastly, on this movie, I would like to quote from this guy Oxydox from youtube.

The burden of perfection:

Jerome Morrow (Jude Law), is depressed that, despite his genetic perfection, he only wins silver. Once someone nears perfection, any flaw, no matter how insignificant, is exaggerated to the point where it can become their greatest fear.

Ok.. on another matter, well, I had a talk with GA and it's good that I finally made it clear about what I think. Dang, I feel darn petty about stuff but I think it's good that we talked although there wasn't any problem in the first place. Just talking. And yeah, I know his concern and so, all the best dude.

K, back to work now. Tomorrow Jess and Yen ajak go Avril wannabes concert. Pergi saja la...

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