Monday, October 27, 2008

Casually Killed in TOA

Date : 27th October 2008
Time : 12.07PM
Listening to : oh Donna - Ritchie Valens
Where : Room - MC

I checked my email and I found this.

Lol. Soon, soon, I'll be casually killed.XD

Oh, btw... Hmmm... I read Kenny Sia's blog yesterday and I seriously think he's just so lame and shallow. Don't ask why I read since I think that way. I just find it therapeutic when I irritate myself. Hahaha...

Anyway, last Friday I joined Uncle Thiran's Bible study with the suku kaum people from Sabah, Sarawak and Perak. It was conducted in Malay. I felt very welcomed there. A bit awkward to be speaking bahasa melayu and also reading & sharing in bahasa melayu. And weird thing is, Uncle Thiran speaks to me in emglish. So I was switching back and forth between that 2 languages. But I couldn't pray in BM so I ended up praying in English. And I found it a bit hard to pray properly cos' I was too conscious of what to say when I pray. =.+! Gonna oin them again this Friday.

Yesterday I drove to church cos' Uncle Kevin couldn't fetch me. Borrowed Zafri's car. Yesterday was quite a turn of event for me. I could talk to my church members more freely now without keeping to myself like a silly cow. =.=! And I took quite an active role in the Sunday School. I feel useful, at least. Of course I know I shouldn't let church works measure my commitment to God but I can't help feeling handicapped if I don't do anything.

Tanyus and I stayed up to 5AM this morning to work on our Design Method 3. To be honest, in the beginning, we thought we had a workable idea (which I still think it could work) but there were too many loopholes in our planning and it was pretty experimental. Like I mentioned, I think it could work but don't think it will be for the best. So we brainstormed for another idea. This time we took Sook Chiung's advice to break out of our intended media. Hopefully everything will fall into the right place and we really want to make this work. And we do think it could really work. ^^

Motion Graphics... I think I'm the only one haven't got my idea confirmed. Joanne wasn't around on Saturday cos' she went for a dentist appointment. So I couldn't get a critic session from her. I switched from Abortion to Autism Awareness. Will update about it later. 3D was quite okay I guess. Finished the main structure and no moving on to texture and also animatics. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah~!!!! My comp gonna crash for real this time! T_T

And for Advanced Digital Media, Uncle Musa started to be more relaxed and he actually can teach pretty well. He was so funny in class that day cos' he gave examples of ease in an ease out effects. All of that examples were about pounching people., slapping people and hitting people. We all went 0.o! before we burst out laughing, saying, "Why our lecturer so rough one??" Hahahaah! And the night before our class, we rushed the prototype like crazy. But I think we all failed to produce a complete prototype. On my part, I only finished the locations. No close up, no interface. Sigh~! Gotta start programming this week.

My classmates, all 6 of us, decided to spend a night in Port ickson Desa Lagoon and have BBQ there. I know it's weird that we're so freakin busy and yet still travel to PD for a retreat. I guess we just need a break. And I think for us who's taking ADM gonna die working in PD. Hopefully we'll juggle well between work and play.

Alright, I gotta go now. I still, don't like my blog layout but I don't have da time~!!!

*Menangis kuat-kuat*



senorita.. said...

i think it's nice...

Li, think u can draw up some kick-ass very 'karenique' layout for me some time when u r free? =P

Chen said...

Thanks! Lol... ok. Maybe you can tell me what you want.