Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The silly little things I did

Date : 28th October 2008
Time : 10.59PM
Listening to : Sagashi te Goran (1 Litre no Namida Ost) - Susumu Ueda
Where : Room - MC

Sigh... I miss my parents. Maybe it's because my bro's not with me this term, but I've been missing home quite a lot. Called back just now to tell mom I'll be going PD with classmates this coming Thursday. She said, "Don't simply go swim ar..." And I said yea yea. Then she reminded me 2 more times before we ended the conversation. I went, "Haha..Yeala yeala. I won't swim la~!". I guess she was worried la. Cos when I was young, I almost drown in PD. It was so silly. I was probably 5 or 6 then. I was having that stupid pelampung with me then. Then the very silly me thought, "Hey! I can float~! I don't need this tupid pelampung anymore! Yeh~!" and I did the stupidest thing ever. I took off the pelampung and I found myself sinking. Mak Jaaaaang... Luckily my dad saw me and came to my rescue~! My hero. Haha... if not I wouldn't be here edi. So I guess my mom a bit takut la that this time I'm going to PD without them. There was never a time where I went PD without them. Hoho.

Thinking back, I really was very silly when I was young. And amazing how I could remember a lot of my childhood stuff. I remembered when I was really young (5-6), my mom came to check on my sister during bedtime. Back then we only had 2 bedrooms. And I heard my mom coming up the stairs. I was talking to my sister then. So when I heard her coming, I pretended to sleep. I closed my eyes when she came in. But mother knows best la ok. She knew I wasn't asleep. So this is what happened.

Mom : Sleep edi or not?
Me : Sleep edi. (=.=! I was so stupid)
Mom : Really sleep edi meh?
*Sis nudging me - prob trying to tell me that sleeping ppl doesn't speak*
Me : Yea. Sleep edi.
Mom : Really sleep edi meh? Are you sure?
*Sis continued nudging. I got agitated by her and my mom's repeated question*
Me: Yea!! I sleep edi. Can't you see I closed my eyes edi??
Mom : Sleeping person can still talk meh?
Me : 0.o
Sis : =.=!

Hahahahahaah~! I don't know they remembered or not but this event really stayed in my memory. So freakin funny when I think back. How silly can I be man. Can get angry sammo cos my mom kept asking me the question. Alamakkkkk.....

How I miss those days in that small little house. Sigh... My first time playing kites with my siblings and dad. Those times when my sis will be out running errand for my mom and how I will run to my mom's room to wait for her to appear around the corner down the road. She will stop at the roadside and wave to me and me back to her. Then I will patiently wait for her to come back with the errand. After that we will sneak back to our room and she will show me all the sweets she secretly bought. We kept them all inside the compartment of our bedhead. Haha. I think my mom knew it all along. We kept it like our treasure or something and ate it on certain days. such memories. Hmmmm... And I was a pretty hyper kid. (I know..I still am) So when I got too hyper, I remembered my mom will put me in front of the tv downstairs and on Leslie Cheung's concert on the tape. That will keep me quiet. But only one scene will send me away for a wahile cos the dancer looked like a ghost. Either Leslie Cheung or she will put me in front of the tv in her room and on karaoke tapes for me to sing along. Hahahaha...

Adoih... I really wish I can go back to such simple lifestyle. Sigh... Those Jurassic Park make believe where my sis, bro and I will use the lazy chair as our vehicle. Haha... And Sunway Lagoon make believe also. Everybody wanted to be the ticket seller behind the counter. Lawak man...

My sister did this. I stole it to KL. Lol...

Kla... Dowan to write d.... Makes me miss home so very very the much. Sometimes I pity digital natives... Really. I think there are things that they really miss out. Like my youngest bro, everything is so computerized. But luckily he has Wen to play the Monster fighting make believe game with him when he was younger. Perhaps one day, I will revisit my memories again. Aih... I wanna cry d. Nite~!



senorita.. said...

u sure u sleep edi...?!?


lawak sial

Chen said...

I was so stupid back then la. I still don't get how I can be that silly wei... Buat malu onli... Lol.

cluelessfreak said...

wei u young time very cute la

Chen said...

Action ker gambar? Either way I masih cute aper. WAHAHAHAH~! Ish...retard man.