Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our class with Uncle Musa

Date : 11th October 2008
Time : 3.18PM
Listening to : Oldies
Where : Room -MC

Yesterday we had our very first programming class with Uncle Musa. Yes, we ended up calling him that. He was pretty shy la. Made everyone of us a bit uneasy cos' scared he will feel uncomfortable. Hahaha. And he kept on apologizing lae! Aiyo, I felt so bad. But anyway, in the end when we had discussion about or projects, then he loosened up a little bit. He told us he was quite an introvert and that was the first time he actually teach. As usual, Selvia kinda cracked the lecturer up with her alien punya cerita. Hahahaaa. And Uncle Musa gave a suggestion about finding tools to translate the different languages between the orang asing and orang asli. Lol. Anyway, he might even consider shifting the class to weekday. Fuh, so niiiceee... And he said he will replace 22nd November class since I can't make it. ^^ And yeah, he's taller than Hazmer. HAHAHAAHAHAHA! That's like the first thing we laughed about cos' Selvia said, "Hazmer pendek...". I forgot why she said that la, but it was just so funny la. My goodness....

Today, I helped out in Sunday School. Preparing for the Sunday School Closing for this year. Sweat la... The boys really very noisy lor. Today's topic for sermon was on the Kingdom of God. And there was a brief sharing on the Black Christmas. It happened on the 24th December 2007 in India. The Dalits Christians were persecuted and the churches and homes were burned down. Even until now their lives were in danger. The Dalits are the lower social caste in India and they are labeled as the Untouchable cos' their status is so low. So people, pray for them to stand on their faith and pray that God will continue to protect them. Many didn't want to turn away from their faith and thus their homes were set on fire. One woman even testified, "Now that I've known the true God, how can I renounce my faith and go back to Hinduism?". Keep them in your prayers ok?

Later in the evening, Zheng and I will join Geng Yi, Hwei, Ju and Melissa in Life Chapel for Footstool Players skit. The play is called, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". It will be performed in KLPAC from 6-16 November 2008. RM30 for Adults and RM20 for students, senior citizens an disabled. So check it out ok? I heard it was good. Gonna check it out tonight in Life Chapel. :) Meanwhile, you can check it out here.

Alright now. I have to go prepare my work for Motion Graphic Project 2. My topic of interest will be Abortion. I actually thought of Pre-Marital Sex issue since it's so rampant nowadays. No matter what's the reason is la ok, I still don't think it's right. But PMS (bukan pre-menstrual syndrom) involves 2 people that can think for themselves. So I think they are aware of the consequences, possiblities and also responsibilities that follow. But abortion is different. It involves a life that cannot have a say of its own. And many people who went for abortion are not aware of the way the baby is going to be "extracted" out. You have no freakin idea how cruel it is. So I hope my motion work will be able to send a message loud and clear to those who went through or even thought of going through abortion. And I hope it will send a clear message to those who have sex without considering the possibilities of pregnancy. Condom does not help. It can "bocor" ok? Pills can be ineffective ok? And if I've stepped on anyone's tail regarding this issue, I apologize. In the first place, who said pre-marital sex and abortion are right? But still, I think it'll be interesting to hear different point of views regarding these two issues. Oh, if the mother's life is in danger and thus have to go through abortion, hmmm... If I'm the mother, I will not abort.

Anywho... gtg for real now. No intention to hurt anybody that does not agree with my stand here. Ta!



cluelessfreak said...

jealous again. first time was when hwei went and watch. i got paper la tmw!

Chen said...

T_T Don't worry. We go for KLPAC one want or not? 20 bucks. Want?Want????

cluelessfreak said...

WANT!!!!!! when???

Chen said...

6 -16 November. u free?