Friday, October 10, 2008

Very cold ah.....

Date : 10th October 2008
Time : 9.10PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

I have no idea why it's so cold lately. I've never really resorted to fan speed 1 for a very very long time. And I've been in my room howling *yes, howling*, "Very cold ah....." in many different languages; from Cantonese to Mandarin and to English. =.=! It's pretty unbearable for me la ok, but Zheng said it was ok wor. Heh? I'm having cold skin almost all the time and she has warm skin lae. How can??? We're in the same house right? Sigh...

Anyway, just a shout out to Andrew and Scott. Happy Belated Birthday! Alch, dunnoe if you received my sms on your birthday. Either way, hope you had a nice day. For Scott, haven't been seeing you for a long, long time. Hope you had a great day too. :)
And this one I'm not too sure la. Apparently it's Ah Bonk's birthday today. So Happy Birthday yea. kalau tak tepat tu jangan bising ok? Hehehe.

And yes... I know my blog is so very the dead. Just dunnoe what to blog on la. Having an idea block right now regarding Design Method 3. At first Tanyus and I were pretty excited about the project. But now a bit worried. Need to do more research. Had a good discussion with Hazmer yesterday at my place using Skype. Alamak... Can die man 3 of us. Laughed until wanna die. Darn Mangkuk.

Sigh, as some of you might already now, my Thursday classes will now be on Saturday morning. So nak balik Malacca pun susah la. And for Geng Yi's wedding, I guess I pretty much have to skip class already. Programming class pun berani nak skip. I must be out of my head man. +.+ But his wedding only once in a lifetime wor. Must go...must go...

Just now, I played a point-and-click game from I played Monster Basement. Darn eerie lor. Until I covered the screen with my hand and randomly clicked the stuff. In the end I tarik-ed Zafri and made him sit down in front of my laptop and I clicked. Hahahahaaha... Really tak guna man. It was pretty suffocating also... for me. T_T

And I just got tagged from Yen. "My Fridge".... No time to do da tag yet. Anoter day la. Now have to compile my game design document and start rolling on the floor for inspiration untuk subject design method tiga. Aduhaiiiii....


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