Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Down with Penyakit

Date : 14th January 2008
Time : 5.35AM
Listening to : Crickets
Where : Room - MC

Alamak... I was so sick yesterday I couldn't even stay awake to do Wai Khong's class. And I woke up 4.50AM this morning to brainstorm. Down with sore throat, flu and slight fever. IT'S MY BRO's FAULT. BOO HOO HOO... He got sick and I think it got to m 2 days later. I prob got i worse cos' I just recovered from my prev cough a month ago. So dead I am...

There's so many things to update but I don't really have the time. Had our first experience in the Game Room. Alamak... That Game Room punya location... Toilet punya corridor in the library. They closed the toilet entrance and floorboarded it. Only one TV and a few cushions. =.=! It wasn't that bad if you don't think of it as a former toilet corridor. We were so noisy inside there when Jordan let us try the games. I really think it houldn't be IN the library. And pretty gila also. Played Mafia in F2. Lawak... Anyway, we proposed like around 6 ideas for the final Community game. Next week we have to come up with the final one.

Okay, I really gtg. Brainstorm lagi. Mak Jaaaang.... My head hurts. The One Academy is killing me... Bah!


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