Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cicak and a difficult girl

Date : 8th January 2008
Time : 11.32AM
Listening to : I will be here - Steven Curtis Chapman
Where : Room - MC

Just came back from Pudu half hour ago. Yi Kwan came over and bunked in with me yesterday night. Her bus left at 10AM this morning. Accompanied her to Pudu Bus Station cos I needed to get my bus tickets home for CNY. Thank God there were tickets. In fact, there's a alot of tickets cos only Transnasional started selling CNY season tickets. The rest have to wait till next week. I prefer KKKL actually but Transnasional isn't that bad. After I bought the ticets, I stopped by Pasar Seni. And dang... I bought 5 wrapping papers. Shucks. Just the other day I organized and rolled the papers together to save space. I have like 4 big rolls. Each contained around 20++ papers. 0.o! At home got sammo a little bit. Some were at Selvia's home. My kambing biri-biri one. =.=!

Okay... and don't tell me it's normal blablabla... Obsession of a paper freak. Hard to understand. LOL.

And I used to tell people who said they're afraid of cicak, "Alaaa..cicak only ma. I'm okay with it. In fact I had one black cicak pet at home once. The unofficial one that committed suicide by jumping off the cabinet. It didn't die but fainted for half hour or so. I'm okay one...". The black cicak thingy was true ok. My mom hated it. It stayed in the kitchen. And it's not exactly MY pet. Just for the fun of it. But yesterday when I found one big cicak at my wall... I wen EWWWW... And it climbed to my BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN, WHITE sheer curtain~! Crap. And I realized I am pretty grossed out by them. Look at their feet maaaaaaan. And they are so rubbery. Yerrrrr...

But still, I rather face 100 lizards than 10 roaches. =.=! Anyway, yesterday I was pretty hyper and agitated. In fact, I sinned more with my lips by complaining about that particular person that I don't even know well. If she's not that pretentious and materialistic, I think we would have gotten along well enough to sit in the same room. And there I was, getting all those news and how silly and blinded my good friend had become. I was so pissed off. So easily succumbed to her tears and I was so irritated cos' you can't even see what she's doing and how she sounded like over the freakin phone. And you know what, a girl that is so FULL of suspicion, one of these days, I don't think I'll be able to be in the same country as you and escape being speculated on wanting to cheat with you. And what, now we can't even chat anymore. Freak. Whatever man. Forget it. As far as I'm concerned, she can speculate and pretend like she's not and how she's a victim all she wants. I don't care. And if you out of the blue suddenly talks to me about this, we might just get into a fight. You defending her and I against her. And don't you even think jealousy as one of the factor. It never was and never will. I am just plain irritated that you don't even know how to differentiate the right things to do and the wrong things to do. I totally understand why we wouldn't be able to be such close friends anymore. I do. I stayed away after your attachment. But seriously man, take a step back and just relax. Gosh. Perhaps a few years from now we'll be able to talk properly face to face. Right now, forget it. I am tired of her freakin insecurities. She can be the victim and I be the villain. I don't care.

Okay, this probably will be my last post regarding this friend of mine. I know I know...So sudden that I rant about this right. Just that yesterday another friend and I had a talk about this issue. Perrr... Buat hal jer. I think I made it clear that platonic friendship is hard when one party is attached. And we should always know when to step back. Remain friends but respect the significant other. So there's no hard feeling or whatsoever. Crap. She has to be sooooooooo difficult. Why LAR?!?!! Wasting my breath.



Tekkaus said...

Haha =) perhaps you should watch Cicakman 2! Then you wouldn't find it so gross anymore. =)

Chen said...

LOL... Nooooo~! Cicakman...perrr...