Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Here comes 2009 and I'm back in TOA

Date : 7th January 2008
Time : 3.25PM
Listening to : Nothing Compares to You - Sinead O'Connor
Where : Room - MC

Gah... Modem rosak. Now using Tanyus' wireless till I get a new modem. Ish. And yeap, I'm now in KL. New year, new term, new subjects but old me. Don't really have any new year resolution. Maybe by the end of this post I might be able to pen down a few. Who knows.

Anyway, New Year Eve was spent with a bunch of my church mates that were dateless and planless. We watched Four Christmasses wich kinda suck. It was funny at some parts. Hate the church part where they kinda made the birth of Christ a joke. Even a ten year old kid, Ken, went, "Are they sure they know what Christmas is all about?". Obviously not. Duh. Ridiculous. The movie was only 1 hr and 23min. Those who went was Adrian, Sharma, Ken, Yen, QiQi, Wei Jin, Ah Derk, Wei Jin's bro, Shaun and me. The movie was at 12AM. Went mamak after that. Was pretty funny. Conversation ranged from somebody sat on somebody's butt, football and random irrational talks. Hehehe... It was a great way to end the year despite the bad movie. Wasn't that eventful perhaps but spending time with the church peeps was good enough. And since I came back from KL, I spent 11 days straight meeting up with Yen. Fuh, record breaker.

Spent the remaining few days in Malacca with parents. :) Went shopping with mom the night before I left for KL. Quite fun. Ohohoho. And Jackie is back to his old self already. You know how I know?

1. He was hopping around and towards me when I came back from an outing.
2. He now can run around the house fast. When he was sick, he could only walk.
3. The whole front porch was in a freakin mess. Definately healthy.

He still doesn't have the tongue to lick. I don't think he will be able to do so for the rest of his life. But I think he's happy now. :) Good. Cos I hate to see him sad.

I came back to KL on Sunday, after church. Wen went church with me too. ^^ I reached L at around 4PM. Zheng earlier. Then started la our cleaning up session. I turned my room upside down cos I decided to throw out a great deal of junks that I thought could be of "use" one day. =.=! And changed the position of some furniture. Changed the curtain to sheer curtain. (Yay!!!) and killed 2 ants nest. ><
Anyway, at around 6.30PM, Geng Yi came over and fetched me, Ju and Hwei to his house. Grace cooked and we were invited over for dinner. And it was DELICIOUS. Hehehe. Went home at around 10.30PM++. Then I continued cleaning up my room. And I love it. So bright and spacious. Ohohoho. But clothes area still a bit messy but I think it's pretty colourful. Here's how it looks like today. I have no idea how long this will last. LOL.

Class started off okay but I know... this term is freakin crucial to give my best and work really really hard and smart. Must not waste time. T_T! Tapi sungguh bagus because we get to do things that we want to do provided we can deliver. Hmmm... Good. But quite intimidating also cos this term, the industry people will come interview us for real. No mock interview. They will interview us and next term we will have internship with these people. Alamak... and we are the first time to have this real interview thing. Sweat. Fuh...

Okay, my brief resolution. Hmmm...

1. Keep my room clean as long as possible.
2. Kill more ants.
3. Cook more cos I got no more money to eat outside since bro's back here with me.
4. Spend more time researching rather than youtubing for videos. LOL.
5. Secure a job upon graduation.
6. Treat my papers better. They were mistreated ever since I started my life in TOA.
7. Pray more often. Read Bible more often. Be more patient.
8. Pay more attention to my Family. :)
9. Readddddd moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Since my taste on books genre could be a bit different, I spent less time reading. Books aren't cheap too. And borrowed books... I tend to read half way. I have no idea why.
10. MOST importantly, find out who the heck is the person that kept throwing rubbish down to my apartment! And find a place to move after I graduate.

Okay, I gtg do research d. Tomorrow we'll have dinner with Kenny. Ohohoho. That day when we were in Meng Tien, we saw Kenny walking towards TOA. You should see how we yelled for him. Like super fan club like that. =.=! Last time was Hazmer. Now Kenny. Macam gila. Fan club yang hanya ada 6 orang. Perrrr... Okok...gtg. Ta!


Tekkaus said...

A long post! Ouh, you watched 4 x'mas? Thank goodness I didn't watch it. Just 1 hour 23 that's really bad! Anyway good luck with realising your new year resolution. By the way your room looked really clean, cute and cosy! =)

mau said...

waaa... ur room look completely different.. i think it's because i'm not in there.. X P ahahaha... ^ ^ good job... ^ ^

Chen said...

Tekkaus : Lol..this post considered short d lae. You have no idea how long I can write. Hahahaa... And thanks. My room prob will be clean for only about 2 more weeks. =.=!

Mau : Lerrr... Prasan eh. Hahahah.. You there sure messy one. perrrr....