Sunday, February 08, 2009

Badminton at last...

Date : 8th February 2009
Time : 10.43PM
Listening to : Mahjong blablabla
Where : Bro's Room - Malacca

Woots~! Back in Malacca yesterday. Today went to church in the morning. Slept at 2AM the night before, doing GY's stuff. I don't know why I did it yesterday. Then in church a lil' sleepy during message. Uncle Tony's girls were very cheerul today. Especially Jasmine and Sarah. :) And today before service, we went breakfast at Nam Thye. The breeze was very strong. Uncle Kian Boon, Auntie Jen, Uncle Anthony, Sin Yee and families were there. Quite nice. After service, Uncle Kian Boon, Wei Jin, Sarah an I talked about Uncle Kian Boon's thumb. Got chopped duing CNY. Eeeee.... Then after that the peeps jammed in church. Yen played the piano, Adrian played drum, Sharma on the guitar, Ah Derk main singer and Shaun at the background lip-syncing and doing Timbaland's "Ay..Ay...Ay" with Uncle Anthony. Yeap. They did the song "Apologized" by One Republic and it was... Funny. Ahahahaha. Caught it on the camera.

Anyway, after that we had a meeting and did some rehearsal for the Easter play. I am helping out with the invitation card. No acting this round. Ahahaahah... Fuh. And parents came and pick me at 12PM and brought me and Pin Pin out for lunch. Niiice. And then when I came home, I onlined cos got Business meeting whih I totally forgot. I just so happened online and yeap... I was pulled into a chat room. Ahahaha. And yeah. Discussion went well. All the way to 4PM.

Badminton was at 4pm. I was late of course. Reached there at 4.30PM. Reached there only malas wanna play. Perrr... And yeah, the video from the last post really man... this shaun kept on repeating my lines. APER NII?? Ok, anyway, the first set I played was with Yen, Ah Derk and Wei Jin. Partnered Yen and we won. Woo hoo~! This game reminded of my first camp with them and I partnered Ah Derk (who was very short then) for badminton and everyone were under the very WRONG impression that I was a state player. Thanks to Juliana and GY who made it all up. Buat malu jer when we were trashed kao by El Sen and mate. =.=!

After the first set, my second set, I partnered Wei Jin and we played against Ah Derk and Yen. It was a funny game. I hit darn hard and it always went out of court. I even ter smacked the shuttlecock and hit Wei jin's face. Fuhlamak. Ketawa sampai mau mati. Play also lembik. But we won anyway. And the 3rd set I partnered Ah Derk against yen and Wei jin. Alamak..Kena trashed kao. Zero points from my team. Both of us are noob. Ahahaha. Cos we don't play much. Funnily, after like 5 years, Derk and I paired up in badminton again. And we were trashed... again. T_T

Okla... I'll end here. Yen coming over to mamak liao. Here's a pic we took during CNY. More to come later. Daaa~!

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Tekkaus said...

Badminton! Wong Mew Chow wanna-be? =)

Chen said...

haha. Not anytime soon. If I practice for a million years, I might just make it. HAHAH.