Monday, February 09, 2009

Stumbleupon a time...

Date : 9th February 2009
Time : 12.31PM
Listening to : Close to You - Karen Mok
Where : Bro's Room - Malacca

Just an announcement, my design blog icecubebrain is officially dead now. It'll still be there but I won't be updating it already. So I will be spamming this blog instead. I am in the midst of "trying" to get my hands on building up my new site under the domain so I hope it'll be up my next term.

ANYweeeeeeyyyyyyy... I found this website Stumbleupon and it has quite a lot of great stuff there. Basically it consisted of interesting stuff that they found on the net and it will bring you to the site. Karen suggested Tumblr also but I don't really check it out much yet. Jut today I found this thing on Stumbleupon. I think it's cool la cos' it's more usable than postcards. But I am NOT saying that postcards aren't nice okkkk...

In the old days you sent home a postcard. But what if you could send home a cup instead?

The Post cup is a cup, with a printed message on the front (You can choose between 6 different ones; HI, LOVE YOU, MISS YOU, THINKING OF YOU etc.) On the back there is a personal message, in the form a post card.

It is an interesting way of sending someone you care about a very personal message.

Quoted from

Pretty cool huh? At least the receiver can use the cup. ^^ Love the typography. Okay, it's a silly way to notice the cup la okay. But this series is for V-Day. But I think if it's more than that, it could be a hit also. Dunnoe. Maybe they wanna make it a limited edition kinda thing.

Another one that I found through (By the way, it's another good website) is this~!

I think it's nice la. Only this 2 though out of the many in the website. Colours nicer. Nak makan also sayang. Ehehehe...

Okay, enough spamming now. Hmmm, mamak yesterday was nice. Some laughable conversation. Almost all actually. :) I had weird dreams yesterday. =.=! I cannot remember what it was about. I know when I woke up, I was like, "What...??" Ahaaahaa... Darn sial la ok. Alright, I have to do my work already. Daaaaaaa~!



cluelessfreak said...

rabbit cookies...SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!

Chen said...

cute laeee... i likey alsooo