Sunday, February 01, 2009

Miss Wong Random

Date : 1st February 2009
Time : 9.45PM
Listening to : He's Everything to Me - Ralph Carmichael
Where : Room - MC

Seated on a chair, one leg up on the chair kopitiam chor lor style in front of the computer. Eating one slice of butter cake from TA. A nagging voice behind my head asking me not to procrastinate.

Saying outloud, "DO YOUR WORK MISS WONG!!!!".

Alas... The lazier side of Miss Wong proved to be stronger.

Note to self : Miss Wong... Kalau tak buat kerja lagi, siaplah anda dikantoikan oleh FPS. Aku serius nih!



hwei said...

-_- faster do your work la! (having same problem with my tutorials actually. ^_^")

Chen said...

LOL. Completed actually. YOU also~!