Thursday, February 05, 2009

Steady and Unlame finally

Date : 5th February 2008
Time : 1.15AM
Listening to : Gives you hell - All American Rejects
Where : Room - MC

WuuU~! It's no longer lame according to Wai Khong, my Digital Portfolio lecturer. Ahahaah! Oh, it's regarding my self-promotional video. That said, I still's...hmmm... I dunnoe la. Feel that it's a bit buat bodoh. AHAHHAAHAH~! Ahem... Ok ok.. Upload the video d only I'll talk about it. Anyway, today we had a lazy lunch with Wai Khong. The day before, we waited for an hour plus for Kenny. ><" Hungry until wanna pengsan. We went Nando's with Kenny and Old Town with Wai Khong.

Anyway, on Sunday, I procrastinated like MAD. The whole CNY was spent eating and visiting and I did not touch a single thing for this week's submission. The good thing was... I finished the cut scenes for my DP project 1. Left sound editing and some effects. So I wasn't so worried about it. And then for my Final Project Studio, I needed to submit my design proposal. Basically it was all done in Word doc. So I procrastinated la. And padan muka I when I finished my work at around 6AM in the morning. =.=! And even that, I have no freakin idea I actually missed out my Executive Summary... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to school feeling like something was wrong you know. I was in fact late a little. I still made it on time but I woke up late. I felt a bit weird cos my proposal had no cover, no content ref. I didn't care until I checked back the brief and I realized that I OVERLOOKED the top instruction. Panicked a bit. And tak sangka we got presentation that day. What the heck right?? No slides no nothing. Only 15 minutes to prepare. I had to tell myself to breath maaaaaaaan. =.=!

And I made it in time la. But I was very.. how to say ah... so unprepared and lost. And then...

Sweii : Ok. SO who wants to start first?
Everyone : *Silence*
Sweii : How about Chen Li. It's always you. Go set the standard.
Me : o.0!!!

I was... speechless sial. And so I went to the front to present. That day, I spoke faster than my brain and it was so hard for my slow brain to keep up with my tongue. Yoh... At one point I paused for a while and I tried to speak slower because there wasn't any point to keep rushing when my brain cannot even think. Liao la. But after my presentation,

Sweii : Good. It's very clear. The reason why I always chose you first is because you're always so steady in presentation. But you need more visuals in your slides.
Me : I am so not steady today... hahahahah...

=.=! But thank GOD for helping me to get through both presentation. In fact DP's presentation went well also and he said I don't really need to refine anymore. It was really God's blessing cos' I didn't give in my best effort also. From my prev post also you guys already know how slacked I was. Mak jangggggggggg....

Anyway, gtg go do research for Business and Client Management and also character design for game already. Ta~!


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