Monday, April 13, 2009


Date : 13th April 2009
Time : 8.38PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Bro's Room - MC

Ohkay, so I heard from here and there about friends who got married and stuff. Yes big deal I know but I always go o.O <---- like this. I dunnoe why~! I mean, it's normal right ppl get married at the age of 22 and below. =.=! Yes is normal but this is what happened everytime I found out about another marriage.

Chen : Oh ma goodness... SIAPER??
Chen 2 : Yeh woman, you heard yourself right, DIA lah yang sudah kahwin.
Chen : Fuhlamak...normal ker kahwin so early?
Chen 2 : You yang tak normal. Everyone getting married or in a relationship and you lari from things like that.
Chen : No, tak normal langsung. So tied down. Nanti dok rumah jaga anak.
Chen 2 : =.=! True also. Darn ma fan....

=.=! No kidding man. I feel that it's so weird whenever I found out that my friends are married and some with child. (btw...dats freakin early lor in my opinion) But then again, that's just me. AND you knowwww.... aih...nevermind nevermind. When she gets married then I will blog about it. Anytime soon now. I mean, it seems just like yesterday you know, when we just got our SPM results and all and suddenly so many ppl married d. Aiyo... terperanjat aku.

But really, I will never understand the logic of marrying this early. Not saying that it's bad.... eik... I dunnoe. Ok, goodbye. Such weird topic.

Oh, btw.... I had such great weekend with my family. I haven't been hanging out this much with my sis for like the longest time. I love my family!



Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Nowadays it seems that getting married early is the In Trend huh! Anyway I don't mind if I'm getting married tomorrow. Ha :D

Chen said...

Ahahahah! Aiyo...Still, so young right??