Friday, April 24, 2009

Trip Aftermath

Date : 24th April 2009
Time : 4.55PM
Listening to : Exhale - Whitney Houston
Where : Living Hall - Malacca

I've never traveled this much in 5 days. By tomorrow I'll make it 8 days. I just got back from KL. Zheng, Zafri, Sathom, Selvia, Nesia and I traveled up to Cameron Highlands on Monday. Spent 2 nites there and then went up Genting on Wednesday. Tanyus joined us there. Spent one nite there. Got back last nite. We had a blast and I think it was one of the funnest trip I've had. And this was the first time I planned a trip with friends that actually worked.

Tomorrow I'll be going off to Singapore to meet my sister. Another 5 hrs bus trip. Dang. Anyway... I wun blog about the trip yet. Here are some of the photos.

This one made Sathom and I went, "Awwwwwww~"

The only group photo we had.

I think this is a nice shot. On Brinchang Mountain tower. Darn windy.

In T-Cafe. Scrabbling... With their own made up rules. =.-!
I love this shot a lot.

Haha... Ala ANTM cycle 5 Crunch shots. Sathom's the winner. I was the loser. =.-!

Man... The snake fell off...

Anyway, I don't have any shots from Genting cos it was all with Zheng, Selvia and Tanyus. I was too lazy to take it out. And most of the other shots were with Selvia. So, later lah yea~!



mau said...

nice pictures... hehe.. why tak bawak adik nie ikut? haha

Chen said...

cheh. Adik nie tak bawak sebab nanti he eats everything,

Tekkaus said...

War...went o so many places? The air there looks very refreshing huh! I can smell it from here. :D

Chen said...

yesh, very refreshing. You should take a trip up there.

project3 aka Kennie said...

at last photo - chen li you look like a superwomen! flying up there at cameron?? :)

Chen said...

=.=!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

saun said...

ur hand no bulu wan