Saturday, May 23, 2009

7 hours for a 15 minutes job

Date : 23rd May 2009
Time : 11.45PM
Listening to : Love (I've been here before) - Sell Out OST
Where : Bro's room

I took like 7 hours to program something that I could have easily done so in 15 minutes. The reason? Forum for graduation got updated so freakin fast. It's a good thing but I don't really have dat much time at hand. And at the same time, MSN comes in once in a while. Discussions and so on. And then Kelvin was around. And we broke for lunch and then dinner. And so... there goes my 7 hours. You know, making decisions isn't that easy to do. But it's a good learning experience. At least it wasn't like LEO club. =.=! Talking about LEO club... I found one whole bunch of vests in my store that day. And silk screen for our logos also. Wow... I have no idea it was with me all these while. Oh well... guess I should meet the new MGSS LEO President one day. A good time to visit my alma mater.


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